The NBA Films Commercials From The Past

Have you ever seen those commercials where old footage appears to come back to life with added scenes or impossible revelations are revealed years after the initial filming? The NBA commercials "Where Amazing Happens" feature high school footage of some of their hottest players practicing with another high school player "from the future" who encourages them with accomplishments from their own future professional career. In this video, go behind the scenes with Phoenix Suns player Steve Nash as the crew shows how they used actors, green screen, and special effects to successfully combine old home footage with compelling new footage in these fun basketball commercials. Watch the other full commercials below.

Kevin Durant:

Amar'e Stoudemire:

Stephen Curry:

Chris Paul:

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Donnie Bell Design's picture

I've seen those commercials and thought they were a pretty great idea. I wish he had gone into more detail about the camera tracking and how they moved Nash to make his line of sight match up, but this did answer my "How did they do that?" question I had when I first saw the ads.