The "Nikon DF" Pure Photography: Watch All Five Promo Videos

The "Nikon DF" Pure Photography: Watch All Five Promo Videos

November 5: will the day live in glory or infamy? We're going to find out, as that looks to be the day Nikon will release their new retro compact full frame. Rumors are everywhere, so we'll just try and stick to what we know. There are five videos, giving you five chances to sneak a peak at this new camera.

The one piece of rumor I do want to talk about is that the DF won't have any video features at all. I greatly respect that in a camera like this. But if it's true, it means that the still images better be truly amazing.

The featured image is a mockup by Mike Bacchin and was originally seen here. We will be all ears on November 5 to keep you tuned in to any announcements as they happen.

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RUSS T.'s picture

did that camera look like the fm3 from the side???

I thought we were photographers here? Why does everyone seem to NEED video on this camera... when you probably have at least 2-3 cameras on you right now that already do that?
Pure photography is what they're going with here guys.... are we forgetting that?

David Vaughn's picture

You can achieve pure photography with any camera. Just don't use the video features.
This is such a Leica move for Nikon, only without the brand recognition.

Are you suggesting that people don't equate Nikon with cameras?

I think that unless you shot in the old manual film days, you're not really going to like the features that make this camera unique. This camera caters to old-style shooting techniques, although it will be maintaining modern-day approach to shooting as well. Most modern shooters using this camera will probably just be using PASM modes and the little control wheels, the one-handed operation of modern cameras.

Someone like me who shot for decades with an F and an F2 will be right at home with a camera like this. I have plenty on Ai optics to put on it too.


it´s just another lame nikon camera in retro look.
what has nikon developed lately?
the good sensors are from sony... so what has nikon done?
the retro look.. well oly and fuji doing it for some time.
sony is experimenting with all kind of stuff.
even canon has developed dual pixel AF for DSLR,put radio in their flashes.
magic lantern makes canon cameras even better.
so what has nikon done to push cameras?
removed video? wow!!!!

David Vaughn's picture

All these videos filmed with a D800... I am Nikon.

I'm really wondering how people are missing the point. They've made a camera that get's the photographer back in touch with the character and mechanics of the machine. It's an attempt to bring back the tactile relationship with the camera. Like a paint brush or a guitar. Also, photography is NOT motion picture or videography. For those who are focused on photography as an art form or vocation the video stuff is largely a distraction of features and buttons that will never see serious use.

I just got a 6D and I love it. It's exactly the right camera for me right now. But I'm also a film shooter and still use a Mamiya C330. The 6D inspires no love for it as a machine. It feels generic and replaceable, that's fine. The mechanics influence the process and sometimes that's a good thing. Maybe this wisdom is lost on hipster shooters and wanna be pros that chase the next expensive toy with greater and greater spec performance. This camera isn't for me right now but it's sure nice that they made it.