The "Nikon DF" Pure Photography: Watch All Five Promo Videos

The "Nikon DF" Pure Photography: Watch All Five Promo Videos

November 5: will the day live in glory or infamy? We're going to find out, as that looks to be the day Nikon will release their new retro compact full frame. Rumors are everywhere, so we'll just try and stick to what we know. There are five videos, giving you five chances to sneak a peak at this new camera.

The one piece of rumor I do want to talk about is that the DF won't have any video features at all. I greatly respect that in a camera like this. But if it's true, it means that the still images better be truly amazing.

The featured image is a mockup by Mike Bacchin and was originally seen here. We will be all ears on November 5 to keep you tuned in to any announcements as they happen.

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overhyped camera. without video.. wow how retarded.
i have all the photo gear i want... im more interested in when will NEC deliver the PA272W monitor here in europe. :)

".... I greatly respect that in a camera like this...."

really and that´s why.. because you smoked crack? ;)
if you don´t want video... just ignore it.. wow that´s a new concept eh?
i never noticed that someone is forcing me to use the video features.
and they did not bother me at all on my cameras.

so what exactly is BETTER or to be RESPECTED when the video features are missing... care to explain?

Zach Sutton's picture

Perhaps in the sense that camera makers have focused on video functions as of late, and neglected the photo functions of their cameras.

By ignoring video functions (Something Nikon has never been too terribly good at to begin with), they're able to attain complete focus on the photos from this camera. Hopefully with that focus, it will mean cleaner images with better dynamic range.

it is to be seen if this camera offers anything that makes it an outstanding photography tool. maybe it´s just a D600 in retro styling.

just removing video will not cut it..... that´s sure.

and you can focus on photograpyh and still have video features.
it´ s not as if they have to reinvent the wheel.
the video features are there already.

they do the video R&D anyway
so it is nonsense to think no video features mean better photography features. that´s not how camera development works.

Yeah but remember... the best photographers take stunning images whatever they carry in their hands. If the camera ain't good enough then probably your not good enough

It's a pretty basic concept. "Jack of all trades, master of none." I've never had use for video on a DSLR. I welcome a camera that's focused on stills, and in a smaller body I can easily carry. I'm hoping the still performance is better, rather than just taking a feature (video) away from another camera and giving it a new body.
There's no point in people being know-it-all's and saying how it's going to be the best thing, or the worst. We haven't even seen the camera yet. I get it though, everyone is the smartest on the internet. Make your predictions, cross your arms, and lean back in your chair. You did good today.

because the video function makes the camera bigger.. yeah.. sure....

Please copy and paste where I said "video function makes the camera bigger".

".,.. I welcome a camera that's focused on stills, and in a smaller body I can easily carry...."

It doesn't actually, but I guess if people are going to sit at their computer and spend all their time looking for trouble, they'll imagine they've found it.
Maybe the reading comprehension and common sense are really this bad on here. I'll break it down. Thought one: I like a camera that's focused on just stills. Thought two: I like a camera [with the rumored features] in a smaller body.

What you're looking for would be written as "I welcome a camera focused on stills, BECAUSE WITHOUT VIDEO, the smaller body is easier to carry."

It says that he would welcome a camera that's focused on stills and he would like a smaller body. Common sense and grammar tells you that he isn't saying a stills-focused camera means it would be a smaller camera. Grammar is a useful tool to know.

" I've never had use for video on a DSLR. I welcome a camera that's focused on stills, and in a smaller body I can easily carry. I'm hoping the still performance is better, rather than just taking a feature (video) away from another camera and giving it a new body. No matter how you read it, who read it and how they read it,, that would mean video feature makes the camera become big. ..and take note, i'm not looking for trouble but just reading the comments to look for some guidance as i am an amateur.

commentary like all of the above to The Pro Amateur's comment are what's wrong with the world we live in. i thought a good photographer sees what others do not. i see no suggestion that the smaller body is a result of no video feature, just a suggestion that it would be nice to be still image focused and that as it ALSO appears that i will likely be a smaller body that it would be preferable to this person. i agree, i'd like the smaller retro body too. sheesh. kill the hate people.

Andrew Williams's picture

ha I'm in total agreement with you . Everyone acts as though they took a guided tour of Nikon's factories and now know how each camera is made. A note to all the know it all's unless your the guy who designed and built the damm thing your words will hold no weight with me.

You also won't have to PAY for features that aren't included, genius. Use your brain.

Chill out mate it's a camera... nobody died. Please be respectful to others it's your duty as a human being

I love modern SLRs - but compared to shooting an old film camera it's like trying to study at a concert. So much going on that has NOTHING to do with the photograph. The Df does nothing to solve this problem, by the way.

will it come with the usual oily sensor.....

it´s a nikon.. so it surely will.

or it will have other issues like the D5000 recall, or greenish LCD... or a problem with the battery.... or....

that gave me a good laugh.... :)
yes nikon quality control left much to desire in the past.

i had the D5000. had to send it back. mine was affected by the recall.

then i had the D600 with the dust problem.

i was so sick of it, i sold all my nikon gear and switched to sony.

It's interesting that someones get the faulty ones and someone gets good models...I've got 6 Nikon bodies and never had problems with them. Including D600.

60% of the D600 have the dust issue.
there is a reason for the D610.
nikon should have recalled the D600.
but no they sold the defective cameras and let the users deal with it. :(

Jerrit Pruyn's picture

Get the sensor cleaned. Problem solved.

ROTFL.... yes... why don´t you pay for it?
and then i clean it again after 2-3 weeks.
until the nikon crap camera decides it´s enough dirt.

you must be a real fanboy moron.... trying to excuse the crap nikon produces.

Jerrit Pruyn's picture

Nah just a working photographer that gets his camera cleaned regularly. I understand if you don't shoot all the time, it would be annoying to have to clean it to use it here and there.

that´s like telling someone who has bought a PC he has to reinstall windows because the company who sold you the PC messed things up.
it´s not a rare problem with the D600. nikon should have recalled the camera. they did not .. the reason they did not was greed.

To be honest, as I read your post, I smell very very clear smell of fanboy...of other brand...

this cameras has the fairly old D4 sensor right?

and "pure photography".... does that mean black & white?

Fairly old? And still it's better than most of the other sensors out there (Others than D800).

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