The "Nikon DF" Pure Photography: Watch All Five Promo Videos

The "Nikon DF" Pure Photography: Watch All Five Promo Videos

November 5: will the day live in glory or infamy? We're going to find out, as that looks to be the day Nikon will release their new retro compact full frame. Rumors are everywhere, so we'll just try and stick to what we know. There are five videos, giving you five chances to sneak a peak at this new camera.

The one piece of rumor I do want to talk about is that the DF won't have any video features at all. I greatly respect that in a camera like this. But if it's true, it means that the still images better be truly amazing.

The featured image is a mockup by Mike Bacchin and was originally seen here. We will be all ears on November 5 to keep you tuned in to any announcements as they happen.

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yeah dream on....

sonys new APS-C sensors are 1 stop better for landscape photography.

the beloved DxO test says:

" As things stand, the 16Mpix Sony APS-C sensor (in the Pentax K5 and the Nikon D7000) stays way ahead — nearly 1 stop better."

Dream on? What sensor would be better for DF than D4's sensor?

Shhoooooot! I gotta get me one of dem Sonys!!!!

And DxO said that? Wow you know those guys are trustworthy when it comes to "pure photography" considering how many pictures they take.
I was just reading an article about how they are always in the field and never in the office...

I agree. Just shooting DxO stats doesn't tell if this camera is better than other camera. 1 stop...well, it's a difference but I wouldn't say that it's ground breaking. It doesn't make your pictures magically better or anything like that...

FF vs APS-C -> and APS-C 1 stop better. that´s significant i would say.

they are only trustworthy when they praise you fanboy brand.. right? :-)

Maybe next time you decide to quote any site, you'll also do it completely. DXO refers to 1 stop dynamic range. 0.5 stops is usually not noticeable at all... And another thing, I'm not sure how DXO measures dynamic range, that info is not available. The result is a bit counter intuitive, usually bigger pixels mean more surface for photon collection...

RUSS T.'s picture

:) NICE!

i don´t get people these days.
why would a camera manufaturer get praise for stripping features AWAY?

air polution, fast food... the stupid TV shows?
messes with peoples minds.

sony made a camera like this, pure photography no video, or silly filters, and it was ridiculed for leaving out these features, I guess offering a full frame camera for under $3K was sony thinking ahead

Karl-Filip Karlsson's picture

"The best camera is the one you have with you on your adventure"

can you come up with something unique?
with something from your mind.... not a lame quote?

Karl-Filip Karlsson's picture

Because it true!And Its so unique to talk about senzor size blablabla... noot!
So whats your excuse to be a hater?

what is your excuse to be an idiot?

Karl-Filip Karlsson's picture

What is there excuse for saying something that has nothing to do with this article?

because trolls are narcissists.

Jerrit Pruyn's picture

Man this looks good. I want to know how many $$$$ this sucker is going to be.

where is "hitler about the nikon DF"?
this stupid PR screams for a hitler spoof....

Kon Iatrou's picture

Feeling very bored and uninspired after watching these ads :( Expected so much more from Nikon.

Now that you (finally) started yourself down memory lane dear Nikon, would you please consider making something different from a castrated D4 in F4 clothes? Something like a digital version of this? In F mount please?

I want one...LOL

..and alas! you used videos to promote a cam w/out such?! WEIRD-O!

Maybe it will have interchangeable backs, could explain the retro look

Carry an 8x10 view camera around for a while and then we can chat "pure photography."

Interesting that you can hear his footsteps. Does the camera come with a foot mic?

I think what people are missing is that some people like a simple but high quality product so they can document things they enjoy. In this case it would be being outside in scenic surroundings. Peace and tranquility. No need for a hand computer, just it better allow me to capture what I see with utmost quality. Kind of like a Leica mindset without the wasted money.

I personally think this plays on the old adage.. of ' what's old, is new again'.

People eat this type of thing up.. It's face and size remind of the the Nikoramat models. Either way, stripped of video and all of the other nonsense placed into bodys today, it's refreshing to see a company go out on a limb to at least try and bring the feeling of just creating an image with a semi-manual looking -- acting body to market.

I starting shooting Nikon in 78 with an old Nikormat and FE/FG, eventually working into the 2 F2as bodies that took me around the world without fail.. I'm brand loyal to the point where I own stock. If you don't believe in something enough to invest in it.. why bother?

I hope it does well for Nikon.

Got to like Nikon's marketing style though.

Looking forward to seeing this in the real world

Thea videos are incredible !

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