Powerful Story Telling with Photography and Video

Sue Bryce, Australian Portrait Photographer of the Year, teamed up with the extremely talented Hailey Bartholomew to tell the powerful story of one girl's love story and her battle with breast cancer. It's a very moving story and definitely worth watching. I love seeing the way creatives are using their talents to bless the lives of others and share stories that the world needs to hear about. This story of Jill Brzezinski-Conley is one everyone should take some time to watch and share today.

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robsydor's picture

Sue Bryce rocks

Pete Sutton's picture

Beautiful. Storytelling at its best.

Bert McLendon's picture

Watched this on Creative Live the other day.  Awesome story and amazing people who helped make this happen.

Kahleem Poole's picture

This IS an inspiring story for cancer survivors for sure.
However there's a question that I have: the makeup that the photographer's team used on her, was it natural or the standard makeup used in most MUA's gearboxes?

Reason being, cancer stems primarily from foreign synthetic chemical exposure and women are more vulnerable to it from a higher fat count (hence the reason for breast cancer in the first place). They say in this docu short that they're looking for a cure, but then makeup is caked on her face for the shoot. Again, assuming this is "standard" makeup made from synthetic chemical compounds.

This problem comes from the things we eat and expose ourselves to everyday. Frangrant sprays, nail polish, non-organic food sources, etc. Wouldn't it make more sense to lean on the side of prevention at her stage (or any stage for that matter), rather than attempting to pretty the situation up w/ the very sources that most likely put her there in the first place?

It's a nice story and pretty pictures, sure. But this whole process seems very, very backwards.

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She is really beautiful , and the love between her and her husband is something worth a lifetime.

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This is an amazing and beautiful story of survival. I am so glad you guys featured it. SO GLAD. :) 

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It absolutely blows my mind to see people still be so strong to maintain such a positive outlook and demeanour, even through the toughest times. This video really made me re-evaluate who i am as a person and what really matters most in life. That was a beautifully told story and it has absolutely inspired me to get out and try to help someone else do the same. I wish Jill, her family and friends all the very best luck going forward and i hope she manages to overcome her illness for a second time. 

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Cried the whole 15 minutes. Absolutely beautiful!