A Quality Video Crane/Jib For Only $125

Just stumbled upon another great video by OliviaTech which showcases a pretty high quality jib. That in itself isn't very exciting until you realize that this thing only costs $125! If you know anything about the cost of jibs, you know how good of a deal this is. Head over to eBay and buy one at this incredible price... mine is due to show up in a few days.

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When this girl makes video's I want to buy everything.

your comment is funny. You really like her. LOL

There goes a $125 I shouldn't be spending LOL

And use the crane in your bedroom to get some creative shots, I LOVE HER :)

Damn, thay don't ship to Europe. I can't spend my $125,00.
Oh wait, I have an oncle.......


buying one NOW! Then shipping them to Europe. LOL

Great stuff, gonna pick up one for sure. 

Pretty cool shit, but I can't afford to plop down $125 on video, even if it's a leet mount.

already got a kessler crane, but sweet olivia makes me want to buy another one

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me likey, but Canon, ugh.... 

I bought one and their dolly too.

"Delivery:  Estimated between Tue. Jul. 26 and Mon. Aug." Good Price. Too long of a wait.

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Does it have a tilt control?

why they dont ship to europe damn!

Moro no Brasil consiguo adquirir o mesmo, quais condições? se quiser adc renanespessato@hotmail.com la negociamos

Here's another potential customer from Europe.

If you buy, is it just the arm, or does it come w/ the "tripod" too?  (hopefully not a dumb question)

NEVERMIND... I watched video again... this time I didnt just pay attention to the girl & I actually heard her mention that you mount it on a normal tripod.  LOL

Went on their ebay page and the don't have it anymore ... anyone knows if they're going to make new batches of the crane ?