Richie Thomassen Shoots The Most Beautiful BTSV Ever

Let me begin by saying that this BTSV is not very informative. I usually only post videos that will help others learn but I must make an exception. This video is the most beautiful behind the scenes video I have ever seen. As creative professionals this video should be inspiring to us all on so many levels. Who would have thought that you could turn a simple photoshoot into a work of art. Thank you Richie Thomassen, you have given me something to aspire to. It is time to step up the video production of our BTSVs. Oh, and I almost forgot; the photographer is Wynn Ruji and his car portfolio is fantastic.

Jaguar XJ | Behind the Scenes from Richie Thomassen on Vimeo.

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Not sure if this should be a canon or jaguar commerical lol!
Gorgeous video!

Why did he mask the Canon logo with tape?

Was this a model or a car BTSV? I'm honestly confused.

This video is ridiculously awesome...

Why the bit of yellow tape on the top of the camera?

Wow! Love the video!

But, what song is it that plays in the background? :)

That was absolutely incredible.

a really great video..........looks like it was a fun time.

Andrew Williams's picture

the lighting and the color of the film was beautiful. Very well done. I would love to see more BTS like this one.

Oh my God that is so awesome

This is how to properly do a BTS, unless you're shooting something that requires a lot of explanation. Beautifully shot.

Absolutely fantastic. Definitely the most gorgeous video thus far.

Dear Richie,
you are awesome. Congrats on F-Stoppers posting your video.

And it is by far my favorite BTS video to date.

Very much like BTS meets Philip Bloom. Extremely well done and very inspirational.

Love it.....this is amazing!

this is sooooo BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Pretty amazing stuff. Great cutting, choice of music, angles and just about everything. :)
The song is called Victory Lap by Ghostland Observatory.

Curious why the film used a Nikon lens on a 7d body, but can't argue with the results. Wonder if there is a BTS look of the BTS video :)


oh, I get a lot of inspiration from this video!

Stunning - looks like I need a dedicated video crew for my BTS video

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Its a very well done and incredible video. The best BTSV? Im thinking no. No final pictures of the car, just the video of him taking the pics. No explanation of the gear he used or the setup of the shoot. I would have loved to see some final shots.

Wow! Such great footage! Richie really captures the moments. I actually thing he creates the moments!
Good Job!
(I'm buying a Jag)

Very cool