Simple DJI Ronin Hack To Speed Up Your Balancing

If you are searching for a way to capture smoother video footage and to make your videos look more cinematic, then a gimbal will definitely help you, provided you have it set up and balanced correctly. In this article, you will discover a simple hack to get your DJI Ronin S setup and balanced fast.

Here’s a quick and simple gimbal hack that will save you a ton of time and will help you to balance your DJI Ronin S. The trick is to use a Manfrotto 323 RC2 quick release adapter instead of the supplied camera riser. The adapter will allow you to quickly attach your camera in the exact same position when you arrive on location, which will help you speed up your gimbal balancing.


In addition, if you find that you have to adjust your gimbal to make it fit into your camera bag, try to only adjust one axis and take note of the original position. Then, when you arrive on location, all you have to do is snap your camera onto the quick release adapter and then place your gimbal axis in the same position. This will speed up the balancing process and make using your gimbal on location less of a pain for you.

You can also modify your DJI Ronin S by adding an external field monitor, which is super helpful if you find yourself shooting outdoors on a bright sunny day. Not only will you be able to see what you are shooting better, but with the use of a Atomos Ninja V, you will be able to unlock some of your camera's hidden potential.


A company called Small Rig has made it easy for you to attach an external monitor to the DJI Ronin S. They have created a field monitor mount that allows you to quickly attach your rig on location using their NATO rail system. With this setup, you can quickly attach your field monitor and be shooting video in a matter of minutes.

The benefit of these hacks are that anytime you can speed up the process of balancing your gimbal, then you are much more likely to use it. Of course, adding an external field monitor is optional, but it does add some additional functionality to your DJI Ronin S. If you have any other helpful gimbal hacks, please share them with the Fstoppers community in the comment section below.

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I use the OBEN RP-20 QUICK RELEASE PLATE. Works great.

Daniel Haußmann's picture

I use Sony, so I have to use the Focus Motor. So by default the motor mounts on the riser plate. Without it, you cannot mount the motor. So this hack won't work for cases when you want to use the DJI focus motor.

Craig Beckta's picture

There is a new multi cable available for Sony cameras, it should arrive in a few days. I will let you know if the follow focus works with the new cable.

I have the cable. focus is still not supported. the wheel only controls electronic zoom lenses.

Craig Beckta's picture

I guess you can use autofocus which is quite good on the Sony A7 III.

Daniel Haußmann's picture

I have the cable. You can only zoom with it. I use the A7S II. So motor is the only way. But I have high hopes for the A7S III :)

Deleted Account's picture

‘Hack’ brrrr, I shudder

Spinny .'s picture

I also use a Mafrotto 323 plate on my Ronin S, it works a treat. It saves so much time being able to pop the camera off and back on again when needed without having to completely rebalance the gimbal. There are times where I've need to get the camera into tight spaces for certain shots, or use a big telephoto lens. I thought the additional stack hight might cause issues, but it doesn't. I think something like the Canon D1x or anything with a battery grip would struggle however.

What type of cable are you using to connect your Canon camera and Ronin-S. I have a Canon 90D and need to get a cable so I can use the record button on the gimbal.