Simple Tips On Getting Great Video Shots On A Slider

Lee's wedding video A Moving Moment created a lot of discussion about how to get high production shots with minimal gear. The truth of the matter is Lee handheld 90% of the footage and used our favorite slider, The Atlas 10 Slider, for the remaining 10% of the shots. Olivia Tech has recently demoed a knock off slider called the Konova Slider and explains some simple techniques that can really up your video production easily and on a budget. Olivia is also using the main lens Lee used in his video, the Tamron 17-50 2.8 VC, which has the best vibration compensation of any 2.8 lens in this range. If you want the quality of a true Cinevate Slider for a little less money, we have had awesome results using the Cinevate Atlas Pulley System as a fully functioning slider. Just make sure you put a solid ball head on it first!

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Majeed Khan's picture

This is great! :)

I didn't hear a word she said.

High heels + skateboard... :DD

tokina? thought it was Tamron?

Patrick Hall's picture

I think she says tokina by mistake at the beginning. I'm pretty sure she's using the Tamron in this video.

haha, yeah.... guess she doesnt know which lens she is using. or, promoting, since thats what her videos are all about $$$

Compared to the Igus/ZaZa slider would the Konova be better?

I mean this with the utmost respect, anyone else think Olivia is smoking hot?

"I mean this with the utmost respect always" tends to be followed with the most brash of comments. And she's just ridiculously skinny dude...

Now, aside from the offtopic comments, her video was very informative.

nice demo video... obviously a filmer's skateboard too... big soft wheels help you stay smooth and quiet...

God...that was just annoying. And i didnt learn a single technique. Where were they? (unless you count push your camera forward to get focus)