"Snap Focus" Pulls Focus On DSLRs Using Bicycle Brake Levers

Filmmaker Brandon David Cole recently started a Kickstarter Campaign for an interesting new product called the "Snap Focus". This device uses brake levers like those found on bike handlebars to add tension through an interchangeable gear system, turning the focus rings of DSLR lenses, effectively creating a very quick rack focus adjustment. Check out Brandon's Kickstarter page for more details on this sweet looking focus puller.

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The video was mostly out of focus

ooh SNAP

Wow, I saw the kickstarter page yesterday and I think they were at about $15K now they're up to almost $27K. 

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Not very intelligent are you?

Yes, when I said "they were at about..." I was referring to the amount of money pledged, but thanks anyway for looking out for me. 

By the way, Disqus emailed me a notification of your first comment. Thanks for editing that. :)

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is this a joke ?

I wonder how noisy the cranking noise is when pressing the handles. I kinda love the fact how quick and handy it is to control the focus with this new device.


Production value isn't made by having shallow depth of field...

Maybe I'm simply used to using follow focus units, but isn't it a requirement to get marks for most shots? I can see the workflow becoming "Let's shoot this 18 times until it works.'" Sounds counter intuitive.

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plus how accurate can you be? How do you know when to stop really precisely?