Some Fun and Well Done Canon 550D Rebel t2i Test Footage

Short films are regular projects for Andres Overgaard. Instead of doing his normal work, for one of his most recent projects, Andres decided to take out the Canon 550D/Rebel t2i and test out his Tamron 18-270 mm shooting some video. All shots were hand held with some work done later in post. While the cinematography does show some of the quality shots you can get with the body and lens combo, make sure you stick around for the ending, it's worth it.


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The Title should be "Some Fun and Well Done Tamron 18-270mm Test"

Nicholas's picture

Wonderful work! The first frame was beautiful and had me watching all the way through. What an incredible time for us creatives!

Filip Knoll's picture

I was telling myself in the last minute that it looks like andyax's work. then i red the post and got it clear :)) great test video, like it a lot :D

"All shots were hand held"...really?!

Great video, but I agree with Jean-Francois...  I believe the claim that all shots were handheld just as much as the claim that the girls and the dog were never found...

Please show me how to make such steady shots handheld...;)