There's a $220 Nikon Camera That Shoots 4K RAW Video?!

Yes, there is. It's not a typo in the headline, it's a legitimate ability of the Nikon V1 camera. A forum user on EOSHD sent in a message with some very serious claims, and posted a video to back it up. After some testing, the video has been made public and how this was achieved has been shared. Check out the video to see just how good this footage is, and click on to learn how it was captured.

Javier Sobremazas took his Nikon V1, and by using the burst mode on it, was able to capture a 30 frame burst at 3,872 x 2,592. Put into a 24-frames-per-second timeline, and that's 1 second and 5 frames worth of footage. So, while not usable for applications, there is certainly an opportunity to get quick cutaways for montages at a very high resolution, and of course in a RAW format. The fact that this technology is inside of a $220 camera just gets me all giddy on the inside... I can't wait for RAW video capture to become more of an affordable and acceptable standard.

We've seen some super-slow-motion tech in smaller cameras before, usually at the expense of resolution and frame rate. This is the first time I can think of where 4K (at a quality bit rate) has been able to be captured RAW like this, in a system that is less than $300.

Head on over to EOSHD's article about the Nikon V1 for further explanation about the Aptina sensor technology that is present in the Nikon V1.

[via EOSHD]

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So what other cameras can this be done with ?

"30 frame burst at 3,872 x 2,592. Put into a 24-frames-per-second timeline, and that’s 1:05 worth of footage. "

erm... pretty much any camera can take 30 frame bursts. but what frame rate is that 30 frame burst going on? what kind of card can support that kind of burst rate at any reasonable frame rate too? *scratches head*. (PS: please add seconds behind 1:05 because it looks like 1 minute and 5 seconds and got me scratching my head longer than I should have)

it can do that in a 1 second burst with the electronic shutter

nice. if only cameras are modular like PCs. I'd add RAM to my D700 and do that lol

you're doing what is called INCEPTION

Good point, it seems Nikon could do it as I recall the buffer upgrade on the.... D3 was it? I imagine if they gave the buffer size of a pro dSLR to the V1 you could probably get like a minute of RAW 4K video - starting to sound good right?

Also, I found a claim that the V1 has a RAW buffer of 44 frames:

Thanks for the catch on the 1:05... I've been writing timecodes like that 1:05 = 1 second five frames for too long

If you had more money to burn, you could always use 3x EOS 1D MKIII's!

well.... has fstoppers to lie to attract readers to read their nonsense now?

wow 1 second video.... how usefull.....

so true! like some crappy portal that offer only interesting headings but when you read the article... . c'mon fstoppers, don't use those tricks on us!

Sorry you felt mislead Jake and Jurgen. My intention was not to deceive, but to describe the point of the article as brief as possible, while still getting people interested enough to click through. It is quite challenging to accomplish this sometimes :-) In any case, thank you for your feedback- I take reader comments such as these very seriously and will keep them in mind for the future.

That's cool!

I have a D800 So I guess I shoot 8K video footage... for 1 frame.

Sorry about that. At the time of posting, there were models available for $220 on eBay.

Hmmm I don't think I would write a post including a camera price based on spotting something on ebay. Come on!

What about recording the sound? The other day I was playing with a P7700 and noticed this burst shoot mode and feel like ¿? its good that this guy can edit all that data...

It's a $400 camera (with lens) kit. Otherwise, quite exciting anyhow... Check out the Lumix LX-7. I just did the same thing with a 24fps music video

makes you wonder why there aren't cameras that can pull it off seriously for like $1000.

This isn't raw video- video implies there is sound.

Multiple Raw images, for one second of Video- that is more accurate.

Sensationalism- no. Seriously stop it.

"video implies there is sound" - uh, no. Audio implies that there is sound. The word video implies moving images...

This seems like a long route to take for something that isn't really worth it.

this would kill the shutter way to fast

What if you hooked it up to an external recorder, like say an Atmos Shogun?