[Travel] How To Make A Viral Video With Someone Else's Money

Casey Neistat is a great film maker that you may remember for his Peanut Butter Lid Lens Hack. Recently he was hired by Nike to create something interesting for their Nike + Fuel Band. The story goes that instead of making a traditional commercial, Casey took Nike's budget and traveled around the world until it was all spent. He filmed his 10 day escapade and produced the following video. Even if the Nike story was staged, it's still a pretty inspiring video made by an incredible budget film maker.

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Joop van Roy's picture

This was obviously orchestrated by the ad agency. Still fun though. It inspires wanderlust.

not to mention 95% certainty it took longer than 10 days. out of personal experience 4 cities all within 2 hours flight of each other within 14 days is cutting it incredibly close.

Totally agree with Joop....without a doubt it was thought up by the guys in suits at Wieden+Kennedy....very very well done though...i like...

honestly i only watch becoz of bikini girls.

Did they shoot that with a video barbie?

Ralph Hightower's picture

I love the quotes in the movie; something to live life by.

I don't understand how I'm supposed to remember that Nike is associated with this movie, much less the.. what's the name of it? .. the Fuel band?

that guy's jaw is out of control.

casey is original. thats why Nike came up to him in the first place. superb.

Fuck yeah.  Casey rocks.