Tutorial on How To Create Detailed Grungy Athlete Portraits In Post Production

I've written about Glyn Dewis before on Fstoppers. He's a fellow Photoshop World Instructor, UK-based photographer, and has an amazing blog and youtube channel filled with great image post-production tips. In this tutorial, Glyn teaches how to add nice detail and grit to your portraits, as he did with his boxer portrait series featured here. Click to see the entire post to watch another tutorial video on this shoot.

Below is an overall behind the scenes video from his champion boxer shoot as well:



Feel free to ask questions below for Glyn. He's normally a very friendly and responsive guy and a great instructor. Make sure to check out his blog and youtube channel to learn more. He even has more posts from this and similar shoots about his lighting technique as well.

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thanks for the tips :)

You're welcome...thanks

Antonio Carrasco's picture

That filter is so 2008

2008...Ah yes, I remember it well...a mighty fine year indeed :)

Can't please everyone all of the time and nor should you try to ;)

As much as im sure people still wanta do this. I have one word... outdated

No link to your portfolio mate...could you post it?

My portfolio? Sure, www.learmillerphoto.com

Lear, great portfolio man. I'll definitely be following your work.

Please remember I have no intention of criticizing your work as a photographer, I just think trends of "post work" come and go and this specific over sharpening technique (some might even call it dave hill look) is on it's way out.

The fact you are saying this style is on it's way out means that it's in, not out. Therefor as it's in people would still like to learn how to do it, before it's out and still in not out.

Andrew Griswold's picture

Really nice man, been looking for something similar to this effect for a little while Glad to have it now in a full tutorial!


Been trying and waiting to attend Glyn and Calvin's HIGH5 workshop...But do you think one could work out air and hotel details to a dinky place in Germany !?! His running late photo and tut is great..

Cheers John

Douglas Sonders's picture

did you actually watch any of the videos?

Getting dumber eh.

waste of time

Where is the tutorial? :)

the video at the top

Douglas Sonders's picture

Did you actually watch the first video in the post. You know... the 24 minutes of tutorial content?

Ihab Mokayed's picture

I like the whole thing, but it's just too Grungy for my taste! I've actually done something similar a while ago but I was aiming for the older look by making the coach wear like a french hat and pants holder: http://www.ihabmokayed.com/#!untitled/zoom/c1hwz/image1zo7

oh wow, thats a chick?!

Yes she is. A very beautiful and talented one too.

I think this look has seen its best days.

As long as Nike keeps pushing this look, it will be popular. I keep seeing stuff on gallery sites, store displays etc.,

I enjoyed the tutorial and found it to be very effective in enhancing my work. Thanks to Glyn and fstoppers for sharing.