The 'Ugly' Modeling Agency - The Agency For Atypical Models

Featured on National Geographic's show 'Taboo', this modeling agency is unique in the sense that it doesn't represent people you would normally think of as 'models'. They represent people who specifically have interesting features about them, that make them stand out in a unique way. Amazon Eve, the world's tallest female model, is one example. The word 'Ugly', according to the owner, was used because it's a powerful word and not for the intention of disrespecting the talent.

[Via Taboo]

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jonathan thorpe's picture

i would kill to have a shoot with Del. seriously.

olivier borgognon's picture

it's simply a brilliant concept, can't believe it has not spread yet

James Allan's picture

Same here!  What an amazing face and what a genuine guy.  I have been shooting "traditionally beautiful" people for a few years now but this video has inspired me to try something different and search out interesting looking people and try to capture their personalities and highlight their odd features.  Thanks again FSTOPPERS! :)

Michael Dixon-Brooks's picture

Del looks so familiar, great concept as there is a need for models who look unique.

Elliott Montello's picture

It's good, but there have been ugly agency's for yeeeaars nothing new. I have no idea why this one has for big all of a sudden. Still Del looks like an awesome guy to work with.

Rebecca Britt's picture

You know I like how he emphasizes that their models are not necessarily 'ugly' just different, because I looked through their male catalog and Wow... (Alex Kovas, Monir El Hamer, Sam Lea, Glenn Luff among many others) can we say ----> SuperMegaFoxyAwesomeHot! And I bet there are just as many classically beautiful women at the agency , as well. Beauty is after all, in the eye of the beholder.

Marius Manastireanu's picture

I can't get over the way that guy is holding the camera at 2:30 ... srlsy?

Qashrul Hidafi's picture

He's using a Kit lens, what do you expect ;)

Daf's picture

Ha - I know a couple people in that vid and few others signed to Ugly!

Daf's picture

There was a TV series about them no too long ago. Link if interested (assuming non UK people can see these) :

Erin B.'s picture

The other part of these or any "model" is they have to be comfortable in their own skin. I know some "typical runway caliber" looking people that have no interest in modeling because they are too self conscious of their looks.

Gary Martin's picture

Its good to be different.. More power to them..