Using Canon's 7D to Make Killer Slow Motion Video

With the help of pro breakdancer, contortionist, acrobat Karimbo, Brussels-based photographer, director David Olkarny put together this short video using the Canon 7D a Canon 50mm 1.4 and Canon 24-70mm 2.8L. Another video that proves that if you got the talent, creativity, drive and a modest kit, you can make something worth looking at.

VFX : David Olkarny / Raphael Beyaert
Music : The Flashbulb - Undiscovered Colors

via [WallToWatch]

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Joseph Teeter's picture

Congrats on the shots in that video, they are amazing but doesn't that break dancer know that that is how you break your coccyx?

JAM ONE's picture

Karimbo is an amazing B-Boy (we prefer not to use the term breakdance/breakdancer, this was a media coined term and now true to our culture), if you enjoy the insanity that is his skills, take a peek at dancers such as Rubberlegz, Lil Amok, B-Boy Cico, Lil' Ceng, Evol, Lil' G, Taisuke, B-Girl Queen Mary, B-Boy Hill, B-Boy Kill, and so many others I can't even begin to list, truly some amazing amazing talent!

Take a peek at some here:

JAM ONE's picture

Here's some near world record B-Boy action by B-Boy Cico

President_Putin's picture

Is it done with Twixxor or just regular after effects?

sander van der veen's picture

I would like to know that too. Awesome video!

Yes I did use twixtor :)

Cool video but editing is just poor. He could have used the move and super slo-mo for dynamic tansitions.

David T's picture

The entire time I was watching this video, I kept thinking of a dancing Mormon. :D 

Nice video, though! 

Nicholas's picture

That's awesome! Use what you got! No excuse not to do it!

Alain's picture

Normally I'm immediately turned off by break dancing videos. THIS is an exception. 

Roman France's picture

Lovely little video. Definitely going to share this one.

Michael Miller's picture

Taisuke is dope, so is Cico. This is fly. I wonder how the shooter got the video so slow because Twixtor chews good video up. 

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60 P and/or High Shutterspeed for excellent Twixtor Analysis. Awesome movie!!!!

what shutter speed to record this ?

1/1000 minimum is advised!

Thanks for the insight David Olkarny !

Anonymous's picture

This is awesome! What were the settings used on your 7D to achieve this slow motion effect?