[Video] Adventure Sport Shooter Shares His Gear Secrets

French outdoorsman Sebastien Montaz-Rosset likes to play in the mountains. He discovered a second passion while there, which was shooting photos and videos. Sebastien has made some amazing pieces, especially for not having any formal training. These videos show his unique approach to getting some creative shots for his adventure films.

Be sure to have a look at the first video, which is a trailer for his film, I Believe I Can Fly (Flight of The Frenchies) where you'll see some of his amazing work. Following that are two videos that explain how he was able to get some of these shots. In the first tutorial video, he discusses how using a Manfrotto Light Stand lets him get the camera away from the action, but also lets him do large, crane-like camera moves for a really dramatic effect. In the second tutorial video, he demonstrates how he uses a Glidecam 4000 on a mountain top to get some smooth walking shots that make you feel like you're about to fall off the edge of a cliff.

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Mike Wilkinson is an award-winning video director with his company Wilkinson Visual, currently based out of Lexington, Kentucky. Mike has been working in production for over 10 years as a shooter, editor, and producer. His passion lies in outdoor adventures, documentary filmmaking, photography, and locally-sourced food and beer.

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f**** AMAZING !!!!!!!! WOW

Absolutely epic!


Man, this is so rad. Makes me feel like I'm falling. NOT RECOMMENDED with breakfast :)
Hey les Francais! Vous etes completement OUF!!!

That's just silly! but WAY COOL.

You know when you feel that bolt of electricity race through your body... more like a jolt to the groin... Well I got that on those glide cam shots going over the edge... well that and sweaty palms! 

This is pretty darn cool. My only qualm is the fact that he's using one of the most light weight and lightly padded climbing harnesses ever made. I'm not sure if he can feel his legs after hanging off a balloon like that for hours. Poor guy. Do what you have to do to get the shot I guess, but I can recommend some slightly better padded harnesses! haha

Some people just have no fear...

Great insight. That's great that he shot the BTS at the same time. However, is it my imagination, or was he really waving around that modified monopod without any tether? From the balloon, one good gust of wind and there goes a couple grand, not to mention severely denting whatever or whomever it might hit on the ground.

i agree with you...less gear more flexibilities.I can not wait to put my hands on a glidecam. Do you think that the glidecam H-1000 will produce the same effect?

Incredible videos. The shots and the technical tips are amazing and huge help.  Those overhead shots were really hard to watch. At least for me. I guess I'm truly afraid of heights.