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Get A Healthy Dose Of Inspiration With Revelation, A Visual Poem

As creatives, sometimes we struggle to find that spark that ignites the fire of our motivation. Whether it's a feeling we've hit a plateau in our skills and abilities, or maybe when personal matters overwhelm us and life just gets to be too much and we lose focus of our goals... Every once in a while I find that a piece of art can be the primer for that fuel to focus my mind and energy. One such video that did that recently is Revelation, by Sebastien Montaz-Rosset.

I posted a video of his before, showing a trick he used for getting a unique perspective on skydivers from a hot air balloon, as well as running very close to the edges of mountains with a Glidecam. Here's the link to that post. I would also encourage you to check out one of his many awe-inspiring film pieces. Here is the first video I saw of his, that initially sparked my interest in following this amazing filmmaker.

Summer feelings from sebastien montaz-rosset on Vimeo.

Here is the poem that was spoken in the Revelation video, beautiful by itself but made much more impactful with the warm female voiceover in the video. It was written and voiced by Charlotte Davies.

I lied to myself. I toed the line, but it wasn’t my line.

I played it safe, living in the city, but it was only a matter of time before my heart begs to exorcise the lie. Surely the panic rising in the aftermath of that visit to the war museum. I remember that day like a dull pain. With mostly—if not only—the combination of the truth that what I wanted, what I needed was



The heat and the softness of the SUNSHINE

The peace & the rawness of the storms & the COLD.

The MOTION & the rhythm & the ebb & the FLOW Of the TIDES & the WIND

Of this glorious weather all around


This NATURE FRAMES MY WORLD… It’s a leitmotiv, a compass, an Anchor, a constant COMPANION, A steady HAND

I cannot deny it must be shared with those I love… through mutual touch, like a common DNA, like blood flowing from the top of the MOUNTAIN, downstream along the valleys, down the stream, along the valley, into the ocean of each of us.

Hopefully now that you're feeling rather inspired, what kind of post would this be on Fstoppers without some sort of behind the scenes content? While there is no specific BTS video at the moment for this, (I'll be keeping an eye out for sure!) I've pulled together information from a couple of sources and added it here. First of all, here is what Sebastien had to say about what lens he would choose if he could take ONLY one:

"I often get asked which lens I would choose for action shooting if I could only bring one?
Well definitley the f:4 24-105 IS zoom. It is surely not my favorite lens optically (pretty soft) but it is very versatile both because of the zooming option that you will apreciate in tricky placements and most important, the Image Stabilization. If I had to bring one in the bag, it would be it."

Here is one of his adventure filming tips on using monopods for unique angles along the mountainside:

Adventure Filming tip from sebastien montaz-rosset on Vimeo.

Check back on his website for new videos in the film-tips section, and also his facebook page often contains still images from projects he is working on, and he has been known to include information on camera settings and lens choices.

Do you have a video that recently inspired or motivated you? Share it in the comments!

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