[Video] Be the Next Big Viral Video (creative/LED)

[Video] Be the Next Big Viral Video (creative/LED)

I'm starting this one with a disclaimer: this post is oriented towards the trending, creative use of LEDs. Like the L.E.D. Surfer post or the Invisible Car post. So, watch this video if you have an open mind and a creative urge, cause it's not photo/video specific.

Now that I got that out of the way... We are seeing more artists taking advantage of the LED tech as it becomes less expensive to work with. Light painters being early adopters of LED use, have opened our minds to the seemly unlimited and magical potential they have to offer in the creative arena. And now we are seeing even more elaborate use of LEDs, as they are being applied to various subjects and art forms. So if you're looking to get some exposure by creating the next viral vid, consider the potential of using inexpensive lighting products creatively. In the mean time, while you are trying to figure out how to best use your new Nikon D800 or Canon 5D Mark III, let this video inspire you to produce something kick ass.

via [VisualNews]
From Kenn:
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Looks more like EL wire than LED technology, another tool in the light painters' armoury

I agree it does.  But the source video tagged it as LED so I rolled with it.

pretty sweet, but this sort of stuff has been around a la daft punk 

I think the original video is here: 

And they actually write "Wireless EL Control System
http://www.dr-popeye.com/"But either way, it is quite a show!

harry's picture

Looks like someone with a bigger/better budget took the idea from what X-Factor dance troupe iLuminate already programmed.  Win to the Americans! 

Nathan Drambareanu's picture

@harry .... That is team iLuminate

Whatever it is, that was SICK!! Creativity WIN!!