[Video] Gotye's "Easy Way Out": An Elaborate Stop Motion Animation

In an earlier post, Prime vs Prime and Other Lessons in Stop Motion Animation I tried to show you where homegrown stop motion animation is in it's evolution and offered a couple links to get you motivated. But compared to this video, for Gotye's "Easy Way out", directed by Darcy Prendergast, those other videos with their hours and hours of painstaking meticulous work will seem down right simple.
via [LaughingSquid]
From Kenn:
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I thought his last video was great, but this one is incredible. He must spend as much effort doing the videos as he does making the album.

Yeah, I was about to get his last song (and his last video) out of my head and now you bring this one up ? Come on ! You ain't doing anything to help me, don't you ? :P

Seriously, that's one helluva video. Great job !

★✰★Mr. December★✰★'s picture

i thought it was great!!!

If ever I wanted to see a BTS, this is the video. Incredible.