This Video Honoring the Soul of Leica is Masterful

When a movie or video aims to make the viewer truly feel, it can be a tough mountain to climb. Emotion is difficult to compress into a visual and auditory experience but when it's done right, it can really make viewers think and share in a cohesive moment. This short video about the soul of Leica is one of those short films that excels at that experience, and now I'm going to shut up so you can enjoy it.

Great right? Even if you don't like the setting (war), you should still be able to recognize the emotions the video production team wanted to present and respect the amazing final product.

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And that, is how it's done.

Recruit. Head to the supply locker and get me a box of F-stops.

Kind of offensive to the memory & ideals of Capa. A interesting little vignette until the end and you realize they're exploiting the life & dead Capa to hock the $7000 Monochrome.

I, too, thought Capa due to the storyline and timeframe. The final scene with the land mine pretty much sealed the deal, but left a slight bad taste in my mouth. It was obvious this short film was more so a tribute to the Monochrom M... I mean, unless you actually knew about Capa, there was really no mention of his name in the film at all... then again, it's been documented that Capa shot Contax at the time of his death... so is this short film sort of Shakespearean in that it's sampling old stories to make new? o.O

The initial scenes certainly point to WWII
But then the mention of Kalashnikovs clashed badly with this (AK-47/46 didn't go into full production until '49 according to Wiki)

If I recall correctly, Leica had nothing to do with the video and Capa didn't even use one when he died. With that said, I did really enjoy the video first time I saw it.

Very nice despite the ideals and mentions below to Capa - IMO it's a tribute to the man who to those that know 'needs not naming . . .