[Video] Jeremy Cowart Takes Us Through His New Portfolio

Entertainment Photographer, Jeremy Cowart, walks us through his new print portfolio and explains his reasoning for image placement and what is meant to catch his client's eye. I must say, it is quite an impressive portfolio and there is much to learn here that you can apply to your website's portfolio as well. Enjoy!


"This portfolio represents the work that "I" like. A lot of my glossier celebrity/TV work is not in this portfolio. There's no Kardashians, Seacrest, Sting, etc... I wanted to finally create a book that I could really be proud of.

A few other things to note...
• I apologize for the low audio quality. I did this quickly just to give you a glance at the book.
• I printed everything myself on the Epson 4900.
• Scott Mullenberg from Mullenberg Designs built the portfolio...
• For paper, I used this paper from Pina Zangaro...
Jeremy Kennedy drew my logo by hand."

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I'd like to know more... Like what exact paper was used and what size it is... looks like 8x10?  And he said pre-drilled... not exactly sure what that means.

Hi Eric, I updated the post with the details from Jeremy's Blog. Hope that helps!

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You can probably remove images from the book because the binding is made with 3 locking rods. Predrilled simply means the paper has holes to fit this book perfectly

You sir, are a bad ass.

Love the fact that it looks totally custom but he is able to add prints

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Great portfolio - you can really see this is Jeremy's personal art. Would love to know if any post processing was applied to the images in order to suit the portfolio, ie coloring, toning, cropping or did they all hang that well as is?

Check out his LifeFinder DVD to see how he shoots and does his post.

Love the video and his willing to share his actual printed portfolio. Images look so much better in print than on screen. 

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Hey FS. I noticed you have Scott's url in there, would you mind adding my url to the post as well? Jeremy Kennedy --> http://www.kenedik.com  Thanks guys!

having such a nice casing and book case, I mean who cares if it would cost 300$, it's perfectly reusable and it look very nice!!!! I want one like that!!! :) And he made a really great mix of pictures

You can see the pre-drilled and pre-scored paper at the Pina Zangaro site. It's available in a variety of sizes as well as portrait and landscape.


Here's the link to the paper he used. 11x14 scored and punched.  The paper is actually made by Moab but can be purchased through Pina Zangaro. http://www.pinazangaro.com/products/90/Scored-Inkjet-Paper.html?is_disco...

Did you use a specific template or margin area for the scored paper when printing? I am starting to design my portfolio in In Design and am wondering if I should leave a margin for the scored center area.Thanks for sharing! Great work.