[Video] "Out Of Tunes" Shot for Canon On The New C300

This short film, Out of Tunes, was commissioned by Canon for the launch of its new EOS C300 camera. Canon’s only criterion for creator Sébastien Devaud was that the video must not be tied to a certain time or place. Other than that, he was free to let his creativity run loose.

“I spent two nights writing Out of Tunes,” says Sébastien. “My first wish was to appeal to the imagination of the viewers by creating something of a modern fairy tale. I also kept in mind that Canon wanted a universal film that could be used for several years. That’s why I chose a sound and radio theme. But in terms of the actual story, several interpretations are possible. My ambition is to encourage spectators to see the video more than once and still be able to discover new details every time.” Enjoy! via Profoto Blog

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I'm not sure how i feel about this video, as being advertisement for the C300.
It looks too digital, and not at all film-like.

I think the short film shot out in the desert, forgot the name, was a much better example of what the C300 is capable of. 

I think color grading is very important to make digital video look different from what we see with our eye, or even on TV.

Anyone know what the second song was? "All I remember was you..etc"?

I'm not sure what I feel about this film at all, digital or not. Anyone else notice half the running time is credits?

jonathan thorpe's picture

i kinda wish the whole thing was the gorilla story, that was fun to watch

It looks like 30fps video.

this short left me wondering why did canon pay this guy. It had no direction at all it was just random scenes. If he had at the end of the short showed that it was a dream then maybe it would of made some kind of sense but even if he did it still would have been pretty bad. Come on Canon you couldn't afford someone better? 

 This would have been cool in the 90's.  Nowadays.... not so much.

that was one of the WORST directed promos ever.

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That was an ad for a sleeping aid, right? Or maybe Prozac? Far too "school project" for my taste.

wtf canon

Loved it!

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Am I the only one that thinks the whole first part was suppose to e the dogs dreams? Maybe I'm reading into it too much...

Though I admire the creativity, it may as well have been shot by a 5DMkII.  The FX are a bit too heavy IMHO, and don't really "advertise" the features of the camera well...