[Video] Paraglider Collides With Eagle, Saved By Reserve Chute

Here is your heart thumping GoPro video of the week. During a routine paragliding expedition in the Indian Himalayans an eagle collides and is caught in the chute lines of the glider. Acting quickly he deploys the reserve chute and lands safely and frees the bird from the lines. This video would be scary from a 3rd person's perspective but it is even more horrifying watching it first person, from a helmet cam.

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God damn... Those GoPro cameras really captures some incredible moments! I actually don't understand why he didnt just take a knife and cut the bird free. I mean cutting the strings :)

I bet those "strings" cost thousands of dollars. I wonder how many deaths the GoPro has now filmed, only the close calls make it online. 

this is soo hilarious when you can understand that in original..besides...poor eagle, he probably was watching for the food and didn't see this pilot.

Thank to the people that translated it so that I could understand by enabling CC :)

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Poor eagle

Turn on CC option for translation/subtitles .... great stuff! :)

Very happy he is ok, but LMAO this guy is funny when you understand it :)

Actually were TWO eagles! @ 00:30 you can see it ... one "hit the breaks on time" but the other was caught ... if was the male, ok, but could you imagine she's arriving at home completely blush, and even can tell the husband why she got so late ... just because the guy's "clean" mouth?
And by the way, "TSUKA" means B*TCH not bastard ... learned from a former TSUKA girlfriend. ;)

Watching this a second time with subtitles was hilarious, thanks for the tip

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This guy curses like a sailer. Russian language has less words then English but a lot more curse words.

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You don't know subject you're talking about =) English is poor language... definitely not russian =)
But,yeah.. he swears a lot in this video! And it's not a pleasure to hear this kind of words.

Just out of curiosity, the CC and english translation are accurate?

Yes they are. It's difficult to translate some russian words and idioms)

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That Guy has Cold War Balls Of Carbonite!

I would have been screaming and crying like a 4 year old girl for the next 30 minutes on the ground, then I would cry some more because their was a giant chicken on my toy!

He just dusted it off like a Sunday drive.
"The Trees!, Yes! the trees!" Check!
"Im alive! Ok" Check!
"Maybe I can walk now" Check!

Agreed, Russians are tough.