Video Preview of Samsung's New NX300 & 2D/3D Lens

Samsung announced their new NX300 and 2D/3D lens last week in anticipation of CES 2013, so we had them take us through a quick rundown of the new NX300 mirrorless camera as well as their new 2D/3D lens, a first of it's kind.

My first impressions? I really like how the NX300 feels. They have made the grip of the camera feel more solid, and I appreciated how the camera managed to be both light weight while not feeling flimsy.



I have my reservations about the operating system, but that's likely because I'm so set in my ways with the cameras I have been using my whole life. Samsung is really upping their game in the camera department, going so far as to be manufacturing their own lenses to match perfectly with their bodies. Sounds good to me.

Got questions for Samsung? Post them in the comments section below and we'll get you some answers.

Pre-order the 2D/3D lens or NX300

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They really need to have a Galaxy S3-caliber marketing commitment. It's unfortunate that their NX line remains mostly invisible to most photographers and retailers.

In the specs the 3D resolution is stated as only 4 MP. Is it possible to go higher?
Also they need to release some jpg or MPO so we can check the 3D effect. Coming from a Fuji W1, W2 a better lens is welcome.

Also will it be possible to do lightpainting photography with this camera? I am asking because from the info released so far it seems the camera does not record Left and Right images simultaneously (ex paired DSLR) but in interleaved way that is fine for Video and Stills, but might be problematic for LongExposure LightPainting.

Did you see the 3D videos on YouTube?