[Video] Samsonite 'Bull Fight' - Behind the Scenes

Here's a nice little BTS from Moxie Pictures showing what kind of work goes into the making of a 30-second spot for Samsonite. The purpose was to show off Samsonite's spinners, a series of travel luggage featuring 4 independent wheels that can swivel in any direction to maximize maneuverability. The video gives a good insight into the level of production planning, logistics, & post production that go into making a commercial of this level.

You see filming of plates both on-location and in-studio using a Super Scorpio Crane, big 18k HMI Par Arri lights, Sony Cine Alta Cameras, as well as the compositing and effects work done to bring everything together in post. I found it interesting how they filmed the the studio shots of the bull fighter in vertical (portrait) orientation, giving them the highest amount of resolution and detail for the character who will be composited in to the final shot. Although the scale of this production may seem completely out of reach for most indie filmmakers or videographers, the filming and compositing techniques shown here are relatively easy to learn from sites like Video Co-pilot or even YouTube and can be applied to even the most basic projects.

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Very cool! I have got to learn to edit video like this. 

So I did order the D800 primarily so I can get back into video. Looking at this reminds me that I have a lot to learn... 

that is real cool....