[Video] Simple Tips for Mastering Push/Pull Moves

Using a slider for video production can be a no-brainer when doing lateral tracking shots, but when you use them to for push/pull shots, sometimes the track itself can become a hinderance if it's visible in your shot. In this short series you'll see cinematographer Preston Kanak give you some ideas on how to keep the slider where it belongs, out of your shot.

Preston Kanak is a talented film maker who not only runs 3minuteshorts but is also an assistant editor at PhilippeBloom.net and the manager of Kessler University. In this series of videos he gives insight to those trying to improve their slider/dolly skills with some simple tips that will help beginners keep the slider out of their movements. They may seem obvious to some, but others who have had difficulties getting the shot they wanted may have an "a-ha" moment. Although he uses professional quality gear from Kessler in these videos, the techniques are universal and can be applied to any slider or dolly track you may be using.

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He works for Mr Bloom, his work has to be good and it shows. Good camera moves and sold really well the sliders. It would be nice to see some tutorials on putting this videos together and the tools used to do it. 5*