[Videos] Eight Quick Lighting Setups You Can Use

If you are a beginner in terms of lighting, or looking for some quick and simple light setups, then Don Giannatti has you covered. Don (a.k.a. Wizwow), recently posted some videos on his website showing 8 different light setups, as well as the differences between certain light modifiers. Don uses a variety of modifiers in these videos including: an Octabank, strip lights, a beauty dish (with and without a grid and sock), a gridded 7" reflector and of course some good old fashioned umbrellas. Check out the videos below.

Via: lighting-essentials.com

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Great demos, but Don's hand held skills are killing me.

LOL... yeah. The studio was about 350 SQ FT and I was moving and dodging booms. Sorry about that. I was originally not planning to even show them to anyone but Regina to help remind her of what we did... posted them in a moment of 'What the Heck" - Still - I hope there is some value there. Will work on my hand-held, tiny camera skills... promise.

No problem at all, the content is well worth it. Been following Regina on Flickr for over a year, it's great you took the time to travel out to her studio and have shared all this with the community.

Agreed. Thank you very much for sharing Don!

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 No this stuff is great, man.  THANKS!

Great video so much info in there covering a lot of different styles that people are after! Also you have a really easy voice to listen to thankfully, which made watching all of them quite enjoyable and not annoying! :D