Vimeo Goes The Way Of The Instagram

Vimeo Goes The Way Of The Instagram

Vimeo just released their new "Enhancer" feature today which offers over 500 Instagramish filters to add to your videos. For a limited time all of the filters are free, but soon the site will be charging $1 to use the filters, which you will be able to try before you buy. Click through to the post to check out a snazzy before and after GIF and for the super secret link to Vimeo's new Enhancer.

Vimeo's new Enhancer does stuff like THIS

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oh dear. You tube would have been ok with this but vimeo always seemed more professional to me, guess I was wrong.

Hmmm... As much as i love Vimeo, I don't see this bringing anything positive to the site or community. First, you have to plough your way to 61(!) pages full of examples only to find out that the majority will never be useful (I searched till page 10 and couldn't be bothered anymore).

Second, this will probably increase the amount of 'less professional' looking videos as the maker will be uploading a seemingly finished product, but then gets tempted to start playing around with it. It's like the candybars stalled above the conveyor belt :) Nobody needs them, but through good impulse-positioning they get bought anyway...

Whats going on! Why is vimeo doing this? It is a website full of creative people who put time and effort into film making and take care in tweeking grades ect...So why on earth would someone put all their hard work into making a film and then slap on a "movie maker" style grade? This is a useless feature to add to the site.

goodbye quality, hello quantity - not a good move if they want to preserve the integrity of the service and provide aspiring filmakers (like myself) with high quality, inspirational work to view and learn from - wonder what the Pro members are thinking - it's already hard to recommend ppl to browse Vimeo with the amount of porn showing in the Discover feed - sadly this just further cheapens the brand to me

all you have to do is flag and report content that you think is inappropriate, you can also block members 

you guys are so afraid of nothing.

The highlights look so blown out with those filters.

I'd rather just edit my videos

A lot of people can't afford expensive software to properly edit and/or grade their videos, there are a lot of great content creators on vimeo who will be super happy with these so they can experiment at a low cost before they go and buy dedicated software. great stuff Vimeo