Watch How Zeiss Manufactures Their New Touit Lenses

Zeiss is preparing for the availability of their Touit line, lenses for E-mount and X-mount cameras. For those who love Zeiss glass and compact cameras like those from Fuji and Sony, getting these high quality lenses might be a must. For the rest of us, we can still appreciate the beauty of the precision that goes into producing lenses of this quality. Check out this video just published today on Zeiss' YouTube channel.

So pretty... for more, check out the full Zeiss Youtube channel, or head over to to marvel at their lens line.

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Kyle Sanders's picture

I am just going to pre-emptively throw in the Noctilux / Summilux equivalent video:

Jaron Schneider's picture

Oldie but goodie.

Kyle Sanders's picture

Canon made a nice one a while back about their 400 2.8's (I think) - they are all pretty convincing as to why these lenses can cost more than a used car.

That being said, what's your take on the Zeiss Touit lenses? I have shot ZF/ZE glass and it was fantastic, but Fuji's XF glass is a far cry from your normal "kit lens" quality. Compare the Canon EF 50/1.4 and the ZE and there's a noticeable quality difference. Alternatively if it was something that fuji did not offer like a 35mm f/0.95, or 90mm f/2 then maybe they would make sense, but it seems to have too much overlap with the existing Fuji XF glass.

Jaron Schneider's picture

I don't have much of an opinion at all, since I don't use the medium. This would be more of something Zach Sutton would be better at answering.