The Wednesday Rundown 12.7.11

Howdy and welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. This week we have a BTS video from a group that took a beautiful trip to Zion National Park. They capture their trip and the breath taking views in a well documented video. It will make you want to skip your morning commute tomorrow and head outdoors. If you have a video that you think we might like to post, please click on "submit content" above.

Zion National Park Shoot:

A bunch of dudes and a girl take a trip to Zion national park and nail some amazing shots. They use reflectors and natual light and get some breath taking views. Check out there problem solving on the fly and rigs. This video makes me not want to put on a tie tomorrow and go to the office.

BTS Zion NP Photo Shoot from isaac Lane Koval on Vimeo.

Store Shoot:

A gorgous video and fashion shoot for a New Zealand store. The video doesn't break down photo techniques however I find it very inspiring. Take what you can from the video.

TK STORE, Fashion Photo/TVC Shoot, Behind the scenes from Marco Siraky on Vimeo.

Wedding Couple Shoot:

A hungian wedding shoot on a foggy day. Watch as this photographer really captures these images with nothing more then a speedlight and umbralla.

Somewhere... (behind the scene of a wedding couple shooting) from pjotr photo on Vimeo.

Themed Shoot:

A dessert themed shoot with a Alice in Wonderland feel. Some very nice video transistions and well though out photos in this video. Adrien Broom and the rest of her team did a great job.

Behind the scenes of Taste By Spellbound from Joseph Minasi on Vimeo.

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first video had some nice post production done on it. The others had slider abuse. Seems like every dslr video that is lower budget has slider abuse. Slider abuse is when they get a slider and feel the need to use it in every seen. When they use it in motion pictures it slow and subtle. When they use it in dslr videos, its too fast and played out. I didn't watch the wedding one because I didn't like his shirt and tie combo and the only pregnant girl I would want to see pictures of is my wife. CHEERS!

Spellbound is my favorite. : ) 

Isaac Lane Koval's picture

Thanks for posting my Zion BTS video! 

amazing pictures dude!

Regina Pagles's picture

Hey, those are our bikes!
Looks like you guys had a great time while visiting Zion and also got some kick ass footage.

Really enjoyed the BTS coverage.
Good luck!Regina & Fred from Zion Cycles

Isaac Lane Koval's picture

Yes they are. I forgot to send you an email when I put the photos up. Glad you found them! And thanks again for the bike rentals! Mountain biking was probably my favorite part of the trip. I hope to visit there again soon.

the photographer on the wedding photgrapher is not even using a speedlight,! hes using a ultra chep 25 dollar ebay slave flash, !! and the pictures are pretty nice!