Wildlife Photographer Charms a Wolf Pack

In wildlife photography, and being in the wilderness in general, there's always a risk that you'll meet one of the many wild and territorial creatures that calls it home. In this video, a photographer meets a (seemingly wild) pack of wolves that fight amongst themselves, yet remain gentle and affectionate towards him.

Now, it's entirely possible that the photographer has a long history with the wolves, some commenters have claimed that this video was shot in a sanctuary. Personally, I think this stands to show that everyone, not just humans, loves Canon L glass.

[Via Reddit]

So wildlife photographer readers, have you ever had a close encounter with an animal? If so, how did it play out? Share your story in the comments!

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I would have pooped my pants no doubt if they had come near me. No way to tell their intentions as they are wild. But that would be a life time experience that's for sure. Closest encounter was with a young adult black bear that was about 300lbs solid. I was standing on the side of the road on a small wood pillar for those roadside barriers, then everyone around me split while i was still looking down my viewfinder. All of a sudden, the big bush next to me shook and sure enough he came out. Big boy looked at me, gave me a dirty look and said "naw, I don't feel like chinese food today" and walked away. I nearly had a heart attack..... Needless to say, I should have put on my 70-200mm instead of my standard 24-70mm. Canon of course. ;)

PS. I'm asian. hope you get the joke. haha.

I got it lol.

Look at the link juggular posted, these are not wild- this is nothing more than a staged event. Utter bullshit journalism.

Not only does the photographer have balls, so does the camera man.

Dances with wolves... where's two socks.

The butt button does it every time!

I once had a close encounter with a squirrel who tried to kill me by throwing pine cones from the tree he was in, trying desperately to hit me with them. Everytime I moved to a different spot, the cones would follow me like bombs, a sinister chirping from the tree warning me to flee. I had to laugh. Eventually he won the day, and I retreated to a safe location.

they are truly evil little beings! I grew up in a walnut orchard, it was like getting nailed with a paintball gun!

These are domesticated wolves probably raised by humans from birth. It is dangerous and irresponsible for F-Stoppers to even suggest that they may be wild. People believing that they can have this type of interaction with wild animals gets them killed. This is like posting a video of someone playing Russian Roulette. A few years ago a woman visiting at one of our Chicago zoos climbed into the wolf enclosure thinking she could have just this kind of interaction. She was dead within minutes. Please F-Stoppers, take this video down and replace it with a warning that wild animals can not be approached like pets. Here is the proper way to deal with any wolf you encounter in the wild. http://dfw.state.or.us/Wolves/human_interactions.asp

If you mean the Brookfield Zoo incident, Jay, she was just bitten on the arm, not killed, but I agree with your point.

I checked and you are correct. My memory failed me, something that seems to be more and more frequent. The wolf had to be shot because it would not release the woman's arm. The wolf ended up paying the price for her stupidity.

Poor beast.