Here's A List Of The Best Canon Photo/Video Gear To Travel With

This morning I found myself aimlessly surfing through Vimeo and I ran across a great video by Photographer/Videographer Alex Cornell. In this 14 minute video Alex takes us through all of the gear that he brought to Iceland to capture both still images and 4k video. 

You may have seen that we've published a few posts about the gear that we brought to Iceland last year when we were filming Photographing The World with Elia Locardi. Our gear was completely different than Alex's because 1. We were shooting on Nikon, 2. We weren't shooting 4k, and 3. We were filming audio, aerial, and motion time-lapse. Alex's gear list is much smaller than ours but at the same time significantly more expensive. If you shoot Canon and you plan to travel, this video will help you narrow down your gear to the bare necessities. If you happen to be traveling to Iceland you will want to check out Alex Cornell's Iceland Travel Guide which is one of the most complete guides I've ever run across. 

At this point 4k video is still pretty expensive (especially if you are shooting Canon) but the price is dropping every day. Canon's new C300 Mark ii should be out soon but $16,000 is a pretty outrageous price to pay for 4k . Nikon needs to jump on the 4k/pro level video bandwagon before I'm forced to jump ship. 


Here is a list of everything Alex goes over in the video

Pelican 1510 Case:
- Canon C100 Dual AF
- Canon 1DC
- Canon 16-35 f2.8
- Canon 24-70 f4
- Canon 70-200 2.8 

InCase DSLR Pro:
- Macbook Pro 13"
- Monster Overdrive 1TB SSD
- Gopro Hero4
- Lexar Dual CF/SD Reader USB 3.0
- ND and Polarizing Filters by B&W
- Gitzo GT1542T with Manfrotto RC2
- Black Rapid Curve with FR-T1
- Ikan D5 (duplicative if you are mostly shooting with C100)

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Alex Kane's picture

"Canon's new C100 Mark ii should be out soon and professional level 4k footage at around $5000 is pretty exciting."
I believe the C100 Mark II will still only shoot in 1080p. The C300 Mark II, however, will shoot in 4k... but that's a much more expensive piece of gear.

Lee Morris's picture

Ya sorry I just got the 2 lines mixed up. The C300 mark ii is 4k but its 16k!

Chad Andreo's picture


Adam Peariso's picture

Curious as to why this list is aimed at just Canon? Pretty much everything on here can be used with all of the other major photo/video camera options out there. Most of the items listed are not "Canon" products.

Caleb Kerr's picture

That's obviously the system he uses so that's what he talks about but I'm sure no feelings will be hurt if you put "Nikon" in front of those items instead of "Canon". He does talk about the 1Dc a bit, but other than that yes, it's all generally useful info across the board.

Adam Peariso's picture

Yeah, just threw me off as the title for this article, with the title of the video itself being "Travel Gear: The Perfect Rig for Photo and Video in Iceland".

Patrick Hall's picture

Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't that the point Lee is making? Replace canon with Nikon and you don't find yourself with a 4K equivalent at all

Chad Andreo's picture

Did Nikon ever come out with a 4K DSLR camera like the 1Dc? I'm not too familiar with the latest offerings by Nikon.
I would assume that's while the title of this thread mentions Canon.
Although other brands like Sony and Panasonic offer amazing 4K cameras, I think the 1Dc is still the best dual purpose camera even though it's overpriced.

Lee Morris's picture

Nope. Nikons only 4k camera is a point and shoot.

Prefers Film's picture

Let me run this shopping list by the wife...

Ralph Hightower's picture

My wife will probably say "No!" You got your 5D Mk III! Actually, it was her who showed me this great deal on the 5D; I thought I could only afford the 7D.

Prefers Film's picture

I got mine to agree to a photo studio and some new equipment as part of our home remodel. $20k later, I have to ask for permission. :(

Alex Cornell's picture

Hey Lee, thanks for the post. Big fan of the site!

Lee Morris's picture

Thanks for the great video Alex

Heri Rakotomalala's picture

Missing Essentials : extra batteries, and also audio equipment (mic, recorder)

Ricky Perrone's picture

It seems like if the price points were uniform amongst the different brands most people would choose the canon cinema product. If canon was able to drop to price points that were more competitive they would probably dominate. That being said, i shot canon for a long time and switched to nikon, mostly for stills anymore.

Ralph Hightower's picture

Great information. Plus, I got to see the Black Sheep of The Stig Family (BBC Top Gear).

Jason Brietstein's picture

Great video. Now I am considering that bag. The monster overdrive ssd price is a bit insane though.