Wistia Argues Music Will Make or Break Your Next Video

Wistia Argues Music Will Make or Break Your Next Video

I tend to agree with Wistia, the video player company known for making awesome productions that teach you how to better your company's video productions. Yes, the right music really plays a major role on how your audience feels when watching one of your videos. Arguably, the right music makes a video what it is, and the wrong music will turn everyone off.

In this video from the Wistia team, music guru master Dan Mills, who is responsible for all of Wistia’s music, talks about how and why the right music is a big deal, and how you can better select the right tracks for your next production.

But wait! It gets better! Wistia is so jazzed on this topic that they're offering three free basically-unlimited-use music tracks for your next video courtesy of Dan Mills. How nice of them! Download them here.

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Great! Even more compression of the arts into a widget based, novice-centric world view. Thanks Gen. Y!

The guys at Wistia are awesome! Thanks for sharing brothah!

obla di obla da

I understand music artists need to eat, just like photographers, but many services price themselves out of the market to reach most people.

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And this is why I pay my music friends to create what I would pay for overpriced stock. It helps out the my friends/community and gives me custom stock of great tunes.