Can You Really Edit A Wedding On An iPad?

Can You Really Edit A Wedding On An iPad?

Shot entirely on a Nikon D7000, wedding photographer Dieter Chaney did something I never thought was possible. Having free time during the dinner break, he was able to edit his favorite images using the Snapseed App (from Nik Software) right on his ipad. He later displayed them in a slideshow for all of the wedding guests to see. How's that for instant gratification?

Until this past week at Photoshop World, I had never heard of the Snapseed App. After seeing what it can do first hand, I think $4.99 is a pretty good deal to be able to quickly edit and show your work. What do you think?

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They are overly saturated for my taste. (especially skin tones are bad in some cases) Probably find for a slide show though. I wouldn't give them to the client like that though.
Also crop vs. full frame is hardly F1 to Ford Focus comparison. Maybe a base model BMW vs Ford Focus is a more apt comparison.  F1 vs. FF is like FF vs. point and shoot level or something. (or dare I say iPhone)

I actualy did this at a wedding I attended in May, (I was a guest not the photographer) but I had a few pictures edited on my andriod tablet and posted them during dinner, come to find out my tablet edited bride and groom is what they  put on there wall, I re-edited on the computer at home and sent them a proper version of the picture at full resolution, and I receved may favorable comments from family who where not able to attend getting to see pictures of the wedding that day.

I shot my first lot of weddings on a D7000, and thought it was good, until I tried out a D700...and it blew me away! I won't even touch my D7000, even though it is a really decent camera, the cropped sensor is annoying (I have the Nikon 24-70 2.8 and Nikon 70-200 2.8 VR II) and noise is high above ISO 1600. I pushed the D700 to ISO's I hadn't even dreamed possible with the D7000 and images came out amazingly clean and sharp! 

Not blaming the camera, I still have a lot to learn, but images from the D700 just popped!