[Contest Submission] Fantastic Wedding Photography Tips For All Shooters

Warning! You now have 3 days to submit your behind the scenes video for our big 2011 contest.

I've been a professional wedding photographer for 7 years now and I've seen tons of absurd wedding advice online. Anytime I see a wedding related video submission I think "oh boy, here we go again." I just stumbled upon a video from 375 Photography on our forum that broke the mold. Not only is this video good, it may be one of the best wedding related videos I've seen online. It's informative, entertaining, and the images speak for themselves. No matter how long you have been shooting weddings, you will learn something from Justin and his team.

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Martin Beebee's picture

Great video -- much better than the standard wedding photography videos that just have a camera follow around for a few BTS clips put to music. Actually informative -- what a concept!

Amazing team work creativity and hard work this things come together with this team :) congrats from portugal 

A Freaking Mazing!  THAT is a wedding tips video!

Now that is a great tips video.

That was really informative. I loved it. Thanks!

Superb team of photographers and how generous of them to put this out there.
Bravo Sirs,bravo!!!!

Stefan Choquette's picture

That was really well done! Good job guys, that was the most entertaining yet very informative video I've seen yet and the perfect length.

Can anybody give me an ellaborate explanation of "the 85 trick" :) ? That was awesome !!

Also known as "freelensing"

David Martin's picture

For the 85 trick you need a camera that can expose properly without a lens on the mount. You also need to have a lens where the aperture can be set manually so an old manual lens will work fine. Almost any dSLR should work in manual.
Read up on Large Format photography tilts and shifts - this is what you are recreating with a dSLR. I've never done it with digital (have done LF) but am off to try this out right now..

David Martin's picture

Sorry, should have added some technical stuff. The http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scheimpflug_principle Scheimpflug principle states that the film/sensor plane, the lens plane and the plane of focus meet at a common axis. In a normal dSLR these are parallel so you get a plane of focus parallel to the sensor plane. If you tilt and shift the lens then you alter the plane that is in focus. You can use this to either dramatically increase the depth of field (as nature photogs may do to get the foreground and background in focus) by a little forward tilt of the lens, or in this case to get the dramatically defocussed shot with a narrow plane of focus across the ring a small upward tilt does the trick. It works side to side as well.

do you take all your images on the 85mm and the 70-200? 

I also use 16-35 2.8/24-70 2.8/50 mm Macro

Thanks for the vid.  Great info, ..... but, .....dudes ....kill the matchey white shirt, black tie attire ..... you look like Mormon missionaries :)

Tom-What a great comment!  We have gotten that from time and time and people always get a laugh.  

Anyone else then me that noticed that the group shot dindt really macth the others? Editing was diffrent (or non excisting?) and quite boring..

Except that, excelent video

For us, when it comes time for the formals, there is no need to do any crazy editing because they are formals.  That is just with my experience.  What do you do? 

Steve Fairfield's picture

(Enter Jeff Foxworthy) "If you shoot weddins..." JK
Really cool stuff. I knew about tilt/shift techniques, but never knew about freelensing. Might need to try that.

I don't shoot weddings, however Justin made the video up beat, informative, and fun... loved it!

That was one of the absolute single best videos I have ever seen on your site! Thank you so much to the 375 Team & FStoppers for sharing! 

The only thing that would have made it better would be if he was wearing a John Deer Tractor hat.  I love that a country boy is rocking the photog biz like this.  Love the video.

Rusty-Killer comment!  

Really good video, great tips. BUT the music is terrible :s

Seshan's picture

It's better then what every those three songs are called that get used in almost every single wedding video. Plus this one probably isn't copyrighted. Most people illegally use songs in their videos.

Thats also true. :)

Seshan-yeah it was important to find a song that was legal to use for the contest. 

ill give it to them this s something i needed 

JVAUGAHN Photography

I think this is the best wedding video I have ever seen... where was it a couple months ago when I shot my first wedding? ;)

BDub's picture

One of the best wedding photography videos I've seen. He gave unique tips that are regurgitated from every other photography video