How Photographer Jasmine Star Prepares For An Engagement Session

If you're a wedding photographer, you probably know who Jasmine Star is by now. Not only is she talented in what she does but she also has a wealth of knowledge that is helpful to those who want to learn more about shooting weddings and engagement sessions. 

This short video shows us a little about her world when it comes to preparing for an engagement shoot. If you've ever wondered how she plans and prepares for an engagement session to get the most out of it, this is the video to watch. There are some short and simple steps to ensure you don't overlook anything from communication to location scouting to better help you on your shoot.

[Via ISO 1200]

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I've always felt that she is more concerned with self promotion than photography.

I think it takes more than just taking photos to become successful :-)

She definitely knows how to use social networking and marketing to her advantage. Once she was able to tap into that to suit her ability, it fit her like a glove. But like her style or not, she is in high demand and that pretty much speaks to her ability to give people what they want. She talks about establishing a relationship because that can transition to bridesmaids and friends. After that, you don't necessarily need to produce super high end art. Just lasting memories.

Yup. Relatively speaking, she doesn't really have much of a history in photography and started recently. She started doing workshops very soon after starting in photography. I'll give her credit in that she has a name that people can remember (is that even her real name or a stage name?), looks good and carries herself a certain way, and has all the cool hip social networking stuff down, but her photography just doesn't cut it. Once her looks start to go and she's not hip, I'm not sure the photography will stand on its own.

Just to clarify, I started seven years ago in wedding photography and started teaching workshops three years ago.
And Jasmine Star is my birth name.
Thanks for saying I'm hip (although that's a description I'd doubt myself), but I hope that the more I practice and the happier I make my clients, my work will stand for itself. Regardless of how I look

So you started giving workshops 4 years after you started doing wedding photography. That's like someone graduating from High School and starting to teach is the point. I do respect your business and marketing sense, but personally I don't care about that aspect of photography all that much. I have the luxury of only focusing on the photography which is why I'm critical of your work.

4 years is plenty of time to gain enough experience to teach - every video she produces has useful information, I'm sure her workshops are rich in knowledge. I smell a hint of bitterness in your writing, put that aside, enjoy what you are doing and enjoy what others are doing - positivity is the way forward in life/work.

As you can see from Jasmines work she is obviously doing something right, her photos are stunning.

Jealous, much? Where's your blog, your classes, your wedding shoots? Links? Or just critical of others' success? Fairly narly post, friend.

4 years not long enough?

That's like telling Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, etc when they first started they don't have enough experience to run a company. Age and experience don't always matter as much as you think they do. Look at JoeyL and Lara Jade, they are awesome, and young.

Also, photography is subjective. If you don't like her work, that just means you're not her target clientele.

I also wanted to note that "the photography" is only half of what makes a great photo. If you watch Peter Hurley's headshot DVD, 90% of what makes a great headshot/portrait is getting genuine reactions/emotions from your subjects. This is what Jasmine excels at, look at how comfortable her clients are in the video. That's the hardest part about portrait photography for me.

You can have the most sophisticated lighting set up or whatever, but if you end up with an awkward pose and/or uncomfortable expression, it's not going to be a great photo. Content > technicalities, and this is coming from an engineer.

Anyway, I'm going off tangent and I probably spent more time on this post than it deserved.

love your response! nicely put.

I don't know why everyone is ganging up on Mansgame. I mean, I imagine Jasmine started doing weddings at 14, and then when she turned 18 she started doing classes, so the high school comparison is pretty apples to apples. Super pumped to check out their portfolio and tell them how gifted they are! I heart internet commenters!

And your opinion matters why? You lost any credibility by choosing the username "Mansgame." I bet you were one of the commenters talking sh-t about that 17 year-old girl recently featured here? Mansgame, huh? Tell that to Annie Leibovitz, you sad little fleshy patch of a human.

Jasmine does not have to justify herself to anyone. Maybe she should call you before her next shoot so that the photos meet your standards. I shot surgery for more than ten years any advice .......

As a real photographer myself, I see your point about this lady holding a camera. Nothing bothers me the most when I see a "music video" any "movie scene" or a "wedding tutorial chat" and I see somebody holding the camera wrong. That tells me right away, that person is not a photographer.


What Jasmine's lens?


thx dude!

These are standard common-sense type of things (Aside from the last part regarding asking about special locations). It always amazes me seeing photogs walking around with their camera in hand, no strap thinking they're never going to trip and that thing will never drop on accident. Incredible.

You mean checking to see which way the sun is shining and shooting in 81 degree weather is not groundbreaking photography tips?

She did NOT just set her camera in the grass @ 1:57. Are you kidding me right now?

I fail to see an issue....

Whats wrong with that?

I love shoes. I have a bazillion pairs of gorgeous hiiigh heels. I look for any excuse to wear them. A photo shoot in a park is NOT one of them. Jus' sayin. Also, this entire video hurts me.

She is Great Photographer !!

Anyone else think she looks a bit like debra mogran off dexter?

She only usually shoots in the first hour of sunlight and last hour of sunset. She did a workshop in Australia here shooting near the middle of the day and she struggled.

Wow, so much hate here. I for one actually like her work, and appreciate the tips (even if they are obvious to others here). Sometimes it's easy to overlook the obvious when you're too confident in your abilities and get lazy.

Agreed. Makes me wonder why they looked her up and sat through her video just to slam it. I would like to see the critics' photos and explain why they are arrogant and superior. I do not know Jasmine nor am I familiar with her work. I do know that photography is a highly competitive field, especially since everyone has a camera on their phone now. This is a clever way to stand out. Promotion and Marketing are essential to a successful business and she does that well. Most "pros" fail in this area, even though they do great work.

I think she does an amazing job at self promotion, which in turn is why is so successful. She has a great personality and that transcends well with clients. I think her photography is decent, nothing ground breaking, but as anyone knows that shoots weddings and engagements it is not about being the best photographer, but being the best people person....which is why this tutorial doesnt talk about camera settings or talks about people.

Amazing image at 1:06 except for the trees coming out of their heads :x

I am not sure about what camera and lens she uses; but she uses networking the best way can be. Generally sepaking photography is something you touch people and show them "as they are". If you make it fashion type wedding photography; then it looks great; however all of your photos in the mean time becomes "same looking". Her photos are technically good, however "cold"...Gor real emotions, I suggest you visit WPJA.

As someone smarter and more successful than I once said, "who cares what others do, focus on your work and what affects you. Shut up and shoot."

Her work is commercial and fits the market perfectly. So long as the people that paid her are happy then BFD. If you're looking for technical instruction and tips, I'd definitely look else where however...[that grip position... shudder.] /nerd rant

I for one am happy that she puts herself out there to help others. She's got the whole package and she's not afraid to share. Thank you J*

I learned so much from Jasmine as I made the switch from portrait photography to weddings. There is so much to learn in this business and she is so willing to share! Even this video reminded me to communicate even more with my clients. I look forward to every opportunity to learn from Jasmine Star. Thanks for posting this!

ahhh Jasmine Starrrrrrr... or is it Jasmine Juarez? oops
maybe she can post another video about how its important to shoot rings at f2.8 to be creative

Haters will be haters! You rock Jasmine, and you have a huge heart. I've followed you since you began and I love watching your energy. Coming from someone who attended college for photography, I have the "luxury" of saying everyone has there own style and thank goodness for that! Not everyone needs to be a "techy" to make it - you have obviously shown the world that! Thanks for being true to yourself! Your photography will stand on it's own because you have put your heart and soul into it, even if those who think they are better than you don't think it will. I've found being in this field that someone is always going to hate on you and find something negative to say - they feel it brings them up putting others down. What a sad world. There is plenty work to go around that we could all lift each other instead of cutting each other down. Shame on rude people.

I think the video is fine. The videography does hurt the eyes/brain, however. Way too spazzy.

One question though: with that sort of grip on the camera, do you ever use manual focus or zoom? Let alone the danger of dropping the camera.

It's the 50 L. A fixed focal length lens with autofocus. You can shoot those things one-handed all damn day if you're so inclined. Also, it's pretty easy not to drop a camera. Really isn't that great a danger.

Ahhh nice video to reinforce the basic knowledge of shooting outdoor. Thx! BTW, you look, really, very athletic. Woo how often you go to the gymnasium???

Ever heard of "if you have nothing good to say just shut your mouth?" So much hate, so much envy from a lady who is trying to be successful in her line of work. Jasmine Star, just keep rising to the top girl. These people who are putting you down obviously is at the bottom of their career or wishing they have figured out your secret.