Pre Wedding Photos in Jaipur India

If your wedding client asked to have a customized pre wedding shoot halfway around the world, how would you treat the opportunity? Simeon Quarrie, who has developed a reputation for himself as an incredible creative and committed photographer jumped at the option to be flown to Jaipur, India to shoot in a unique setting for his wedding clients. 

Working with his clients, Simeon came up with a detailed plan for their shoot. "We came up with the theme of 'contrast / clash of cultures'. I wanted Harry and Shikha to look out of place, not in their behavior but in their appearance.  Ideal locations were selected and outfits purchased, created and altered to match our brief."

Traveling with one assistant and finding some more help in-country, Simeon managed to pull of some incredible photos in some very unique locations; talk about some images to build your portfolio.

How would you use an opportunity like this?



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WOW! These are amazing! While I wish I could have seen more of the setups for each shot, I can see just enough to figure out the rest. Great job Simeon

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Great work, wonderful setups and light use! Well done :)

very very nice pics cool video and photographer is cool ) thanks

Simeon.... genius..... everytime I watch one of your vids I learn something..... inspiration boards from fashion mags, not wedding pics...... brilliant!!!


Not the most technical of BTS but very nice, beautiful photos too. Talented guy.

I've shot in the streets of Bangalore before, it's not easy. Great location work.

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Stunning! The red dress has a very powerful effect.

Great photos in a really cool location, Simeon is always inspiring. Thanks for putting together videos like this to show how you work through some of the unexpected challenges along the way.

Love is work.
I don't have enough experience for a shot like this but i would deffinetly do it if i had!

LOVED the pigeon shot!!! definitely inspirational 

Dont mean to be a killjoy but the contrast of wealth and poverty in the market place is what struck me. Do love the inspiration boards and the way he puts the clothing to the location. 


Those shots were nothing short of magnificent. 

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I hope to be able to create like this one day. Just amazing.

Awesome video, compelling images. A lot learnt from viewing . I'm sure the chance to shoot such will come soon.