R.L. Morris Weddings: A Quick Interview

For those of you that don't know, I am a wedding photographer. I have been a wedding photographer for about 6 years now and believe it or not, I actually like it. Wedding photography has given me so much freedom in my life and has allowed me to start new projects like Fstoppers.com.

Patrick and I are going to begin creating behind the scenes videos that pertain to wedding photography in the near future and we plan to cover everything from starting a business from scratch to delivering the final product.

I didn't create the video below for Fstoppers; I actually created it for potential clients that may not have the opportunity to meet me in person before booking me. I realized that I only get a chance to meet about 50% of my clients before the day of their wedding. That's the downside with booking weddings outside of the state. I hope that you enjoy taking a closer look at what my life is currently like. More wedding videos will be posted soon.

Lee Morris of R.L. Morris Weddings from FStoppers on Vimeo.

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Lee, this is exactly what I was waiting for from FStoppers! Can't wait to see more videos!

Excellent video. Sounds like some great stuff will be coming through in the next few months. Gotta love it.

I love the photo booth idea! Great stuff, thanks for making this site, I have learned a lot from it. Not just the photos but the video as well.

Hello Lee, I just wanted to thank you for creating this site, I have been following it for some time now and love seeing it evolve into a great source of inspiration. I am a portrait photographer that just started with weddings as well and I have to agree that it can be a scary, pressure filled task, however I also agree that what could be better than the excitement and energy of documenting such a beautiful day in someones life and having them share it with you like you are family. On a side note, your work is awesome, thanks for sharing it.


Wow! This spoke to me and thanks for posting. I think it's funny that we still have to somewhat "out" ourselves as wedding photographers. I've been experiencing this phenomenon for years. Despite having won international awards for my wedding work, and having a really successful wedding business (paganiphoto.com), I've always struggled with my identity as a photographer. When people ask what I shoot, I talk about all of the adventure travel stuff, and my experiences shooting a Gurung Matriarch in Nepal and mountaineering in Patagonia and sea kayaking in Vietnam BEFORE I mention that yes, when I'm at home, I shoot portraits, events, and....weddings. You're exactly right...as a wedding photographer, you basically get paid to attend a great, well-thought-out party, with people who really want you there...so much so that they picked you out of a crowd of other photographers and are willing to pay you well to be there. Sometimes those parties occur in interesting places like Jamaica, Cape Cod, or in a bayou swamp, etc. Good wedding photography requires you to be somewhat proficient in portraiture, architecture, food, action, etc. YOu really have to have great skills as a photographer to create beautiful wedding images. I think this video, and hopefully the videos that are on their way, will help to finally ease the stigma of "wedding photographer" and help the world see what great artists they can be.

I've just shot my first weddings a few weeks ago and instantly booked a workshop by some hotshot photographer here in The Netherlands. I seriously CAN NOT WAIT to see the promised videos Lee, thanks in advance! Love the photobooth idea by the way!

Great advice Lee!
Thanks for creating this site, it's really inspired me with some of my shoots and helped me to expand my skills.
What software setup did you use for the photo booths at your weddings?

I'm a professional photographer doing mostly editorial and commercial work. Two years ago when I got married I knew I would be picky about a photographer. There are plenty around here, but none I was excited about. I found Lee's portfolio online and knew I had found him. The (soon-to-be) wife agreed and Lee (with Patrick assisting) shot our wedding on St. Simons Island. The shots were incredibly good. We also got the photo booth and it was the hit of the wedding. Lee will do a top notch job for you.

I'm looking forward the opportunity to meet you and Patrick and shake your hands as a HUGE THANK YOU guys.
What amazing source of EVERYTHING you can find here. And for free?
Anybody out there knows how much cost the time of these guys?
Those are GIFTS ... priceless.

Thanks so much everyone, especially Carlos, wow, very nice message.

@Mike, I don't use any software, I output directly from the camera.

Joe! thanks for the note as well. I remember your wedding like it was yesterday. I hope everything is going well with you. How is your photography business going?

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Great video. I love the idea of doing wedding photography, but don't know any local photographers I admire and could second shoot for.

I'm also incredibly envious of your fstoppers opportunities, haha.

Love your work, love your website, love your videos!! Your videos are really pushing me and my shoots in so many different ways. Thank you!

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Lee and Pat are just awesome for sharing all this, that's a fact!

That was actually really touching, Lee! I never stopped to think about doing weddings, but what you said is so true. This has to be one of my favorite videos so far. Not to mention the doors and connections you have had because of this website. I remember the first day it went live till now. Time flies. So proud to know you bud.

We can't thank you enough for creating this website, sharing so much with us. I'm looking forward seeing some BTS wedding shots.

Long life to fstoppers !

Inspiring video! I check this site everyday in anticipation of a new BTS video.
Well done, congratulations and keep them coming.

This was an awesome video Lee!!! Very inspirational, and motivating. Love your work and love fstoppers... Keep it coming

Hi Lee,

I also really love fstoppers from the beginning! Almost everyday, I take a look at the site to see some new stuff. When you talking about photography, I want to take my camera and go out for a shoot! I have the same feeling when I hear Chase J.
Maybe, in the near future, I will post a BTS video of my sportsphotography.
Keep up the good work!

Best regards from Belgium,

This video is really outstanding lee. I also check this website everyday for new videos to check out. Can't thankyou enough for creating such an inspirational source of information, and such a great community building here already. I see BIG things happening for fstoppers in the future.

When I first started shooting weddings a couple years ago, I didn't like it very much. But after a few more (I'm primarily a photojournalist), I'm starting to like it more and more. It's an opportunity to capture a special moment (and you get paid pretty well).

I remember someone telling me once that wedding photography isn't photojournalistic. How? When I "cover" a wedding, I do so like I'm on a newspaper assignment. I shoot all the portraits sure, but I look for the in-between moments. I see it like it's a newspaper assignment where I have unlimited access to the subjects.

Lee, would you consider doing a BTS on your PhotoBooth concept? I'd love to see how it's done!

Keep up the awesome work by the way... this site is one of my all time favourites.

The photobooth is Brilliant! Also, Thanks so much for doing this it was so interesting seeing your first wedding photos! I'm behind your website 100%. I am here daily :D



This is the stuff that makes me come here: inspiration. You have made me look at my own photography in new ways and pushed me to develop and try mew techniques. Thanks!

Great stuff, but the foundation of it all is a good photographer to begin with, no amount of good personality or photo booth or whatever will replace good skills as a photographer which can be a mistake some newer folks might make.

Just amazing. MAKE MORE VIDEOS!! :)

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I might disagree with you a bit Ireland. Of course Lee is an amazing photographer but selling your personality, at least in this field, might actually make you a more "successful" photographer than having the best images of anyone. I think you'd be surprised by some of the most famous/successful wedding photographers and their lack of technical skills. Marketing is probably the #1 most important element in this field...and Lee of course just knocked it out of the ball park with this video :)

I love the enthusiasm. It makes all the difference in the world in a wedding photographer.

Success VS image quality in the wedding photography business is an interesting debate and we will be focusing on this in a few upcoming videos.

Here's a question though. Why would anyone pay 50k or more for a sports car that can only hold 2 people? Yes the car is fast but the owner may never go over 90mph in it. Is that sports car really "better" than a Camry when you KNOW the Camry is more reliable and has a much better ratio resale value?

Why do people buy Rolex watches when there are other watches that are actually built better, tell time more accurately, and don't break as often?

Why do we still buy things that we know are relatively worthless?

Your site has been a great source of inspiration. Don't stop.

The argument that a poor photographer will make money is of course interesting and to a degree true in the sense that there are bad photographers making money but there are many more bad photographers here at least using their few chances to take really bad photographs.. disspointing the couple etc. I sadly am asked to fix more collections of wedding photographs than I am asked to take. This is what Im getting at, the wedding industry and many other sectors are being infiltrated by clueless weekend warriors who are the nicest of people etc. etc. , great marketing skills but couldnt use a point and shoot to save their lives. I cant imagine its any different there.

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