The Wednesday Rundown 10.20.10

Howdy and welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. This weekend I made an escape up North to Vermont with Lee and another fstopper / photographer Jon. Nothing like having the open road, a lot of rain, and some great conversations on photography. Yes believe it or not that is what we mostly talk about. Jon shared some of his favorite photography blogs and even a couple of podcast. Why I haven't post any podcast I don't know. We would love to know what photography podcasts you follow. The last video is a a winner check it out.

Podcast: Choosing the right lens

Right now you are probably headed to your cubical at work and already looking at the clock. Yes I am doing the same thing. I know from many of you can't always get youtube in that cubical. Well if you have access to itunes or an iphone you can at lease listen to a podcast. Enjoy and stay productive.

Color Correcting Fluorescents:

A promo video on fliters. Some pretty cool tricks to make some of those ugly lighting go away.

Creative Litter Box Shoot:

A very creative BTS video. Check out how they put this guy's head in a litter box.

Men's Health Shoot:

A shoot featuring a college quarterback for Men's Health magazine.


A must watch.

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wedding photographer rocks !

Adam Sund's picture

That last video hurts me deep inside each time I watch it.

my only thoughts to the last video were: oh no, not the cameras... ^^

These are the rare times i like shooting Pentax - And ofc everytime i want a stabilized prime.

Kristopher Armstead's picture

OMG@the last video!!!!!!!!!!

Sooooo not funny.
That was like watching a horror film for photographers!

Patrick Hall's picture

yeah a stabilized 35 1.4 or 50 1.4 would be soooo nice. At least for video if nothing else

That last video?
Oh, but for the grace of God, there go I.
I gasped out loud.

Jon Lemon's picture

Here are links to all of the blogs I try to keep up with. Some are full of great technical information, some are great for inspiration, and some touch on more than photography.

Check them out and post some we haven't heard of!

PS - I tagged these with cities/states where applicable. Use them to reach out to people in your area!

Wedding photog FAIL! lol. man, I feel sorry for the guy and his gear though.

Holy moly, that last one makes me want to cry.

wanted to see if Canon REALLY is waterproof

I facebooked the Locker video, because that's what we do on a smaller scale and we're jealous we can't be doing that right now.

omg..omg..omg that last video , the guy in it calls himself a photographer.

Jerrit Pruyn's picture

This camera man on the last video got the best shot of the wedding.