The Wednesday Rundown 4.07.10

Hello this is Jerrit again. Another Wednesday Rundown coming right up. The summer is around the corner and videos about the water are coming in. Hopefully they will inspire you to drag that camera out with you to the beach or pool. Also check out the behind the scenes shoot  by Blue Tide Productions, they popped some photos out for an apparel company.

Original Sin Shoot

Michael Warf shoots the fall of man with a fashion flair

Original Sin from Michael Warf on Vimeo.

Personal Trainer Commercial Shoot:

Picsel Photography shoots in - 4 degrees

Triathlete Magazine's  Cover Shoot:

A video showing the setup and shooting for a magazine cover.

Actor Photo Shoot:

A behind the scenes photo shoot with model/actor Stephen Edwards from New Haven, CT. Good video on setting up for the shoot.

BEHIND THE SCENES: On Location with Stephen from David Apuzzo on Vimeo.

Fashion Photography: A day at the Beach

An interview / photo shoot for a gothic themed fashion shoot. Photos turn out very interesting and professional.

Ruckus Apparel shoot:

A "behind the scenes" video time lapse Blue Tide Productions did for Ruckus Apparel in late March 2010 for Ruckus's spring clothing line(s) release.

Ruckus & Blue Tide // Behind The Scenes from Zach Reed on Vimeo.

Swimming photo shoot:

A quick view of some swimming photography form Andy Smith. Final images look great.

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Thanks for the video shout out, guys! -Zach (Blue Tide Productions)

Thanks for the post guys! Really cool that I made it!