17 Bird-Eye View Images You Have To See

17 Bird-Eye View Images You Have To See

As photographers we always look for that different angle, something that will make our images unique and special. Sometimes it means laying down on the floor, and sometimes it means renting a helicopter or a drone. Shooting from high-up is not only different and interesting, its also unique and pretty rare. Check out this great collection of Bird-Eye view images found on Flickr.

If you decide to do a shoot using a drone carrying your camera, you should make sure to get approval from FAA first.
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Photo: Lukas Kozmus.

Ah, the mountain view outside your window. When you are 10000 feet up in the ayer.
Photo: Stav.

Photo: Boaz.

a cloud over industry
Photo: sneakyrabbits.

Captain birdseye's fisheye view of London
Photo: Don Kiddick.

Bird's-eye view of Tribute In Lights
Photo: Noam Galai.

Photo: Tyler Westcott.

Reverie is not a mind vacuum. It is rather the gift of an hour which knows the plenitude of the soul.  Gaston Bachelard
Photo: Wendy Hollands.

On the Edge
Photo: Jóannis Sørensen.

Wheat Harvest, Great Plains
Photo: Jim Richardson.

Machu Picchu, Peru
Photo: Jim Richardson.

~ Morning Light In Vienna ~
Photo: Peem.


Photo: David Bank.

Voyage au Chili, en avion vers l'Atacama ~ Trip in Chile, in a plane to Atacama
Photo: David Rombaut.

Downtown Dubai & Business Bay
Photo: Martin Müller.

"A Land of Wonder" Vietnam~Asia~Travel~Rice~Photography~Portfolio
Photo: Dan Ballard.

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Jens Marklund's picture


Yes, the monkey snapshots on your tired website are riveting compared to these.  Shut the fuck up, dipshit.

Thank you for this post! Great picture!!!

The overhead shot of the crop field is my favorite! Amazing shot!

you guys need to check out a guy in Flickr called Proletar1at. he does stuff like this for breakfast. 

Ricky's picture

Those are really amazing! 
Here's my try at it!

How bout leavin us a few links to get us started... Kite photography,.. From ballon photography,.. Hobbiest-rocket-and-parachute photography... Throw-my-d800-in-the-air photography.

Do share!