24 Ways To Crash A Drone

Whether it pains you to see hundreds to thousands of dollars of expensive equipment be destroyed in an instant or you experience some kind of morbid pleasure from it, after you start watching this compilation of drone crashes it will be difficult tear your eyes away. From wild rams who decide that they would rather not be filmed to spontaneous quadcopter failures to the classic “oops, there’s a power line there,” the video shows a multitude of different ways to crash a drone that will make you wince.

Every one of the videos you can just imagine the feelings of the pilots as they realize they have just destroyed their expensive piece of flying machinery. This is the nature of the machine though; every drone pilot must be acutely aware of the possibility of a catastrophic wreck. Not every landing is a soft one. But this is the price we must pay to capture some of the epic aerial shots possible only with drones. Watching this video it is apparent why certain insurance providers refuse to cover drones in their policies.

[via Epic Drone Videos]

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Nick Cosky's picture
Nick Cosky's picture

Oh hey, when I commented on this I had no idea my crash was actually in the video.

Ralph Berrett's picture

Can we say Copyright violation?

Anonymous's picture

That's exactly what I was thinking. I'd be fuming if I saw my video posted here without my permission.

Nick Cosky's picture

I left a comment on their youtube page about it. According to the Youtube page that posted the video's About page: "As we dont own this original content, ads will be flighted on the videos and the revenue from the videos will be distributed to the original content creators. This is done through super clever youtube revenue gnomes who find the original videos and credit them."

Not going to hold my breathe on that.

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I am from the scott Bourne school of thought here. Set loose the Lawyers.