Embracing the End of the Seasons

Embracing the End of the Seasons

Here in NJ we are lucky enough to have four seasons: Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer. Maybe I shouldn't say "lucky" because it would be nice to have warmer weather year-round but the seasons do make for taking great photos. Though it's the first week of spring, we were just slammed with another big snow-storm and hopefully the last.

Ever since I really got into aerial photography, I always thought it was interesting to shoot the same places in different seasons. Though this is not the easiest thing to do when you have a specific image in mind, but it is manageable, and the results can be pretty amazing. Whenever I run out of ideas for things to shoot, I consider going back to places I have already shot to see if I can shoot that same thing better or find something different that I hadn't seen before at that location.

With winter coming to its end today, I made sure I was able to get out there before the snow melted off the tops of the trees for a few photos. I know that I wont be able to shoot anything with snow again until next winter so it was definitely a good time to get out for the last snowfall of the season. It isn't too often that you see everything covered in white, but it is pretty common to see things all pretty and in bloom for 9 months out of the 12 we get.

I have to say that my favorite season is fall (I do not have any fall examples in here yet because I am writing this at the end of winter). The colors are amazing, the temperature is bearable and almost any location looks good with all of the leaves changing. All in all, I do think it is important to embrace the seasons if you have them, because they only come around once a year. We can capture some amazing things during these times rather than capturing something we are used to seeing for a majority of the year. If you live in a place with seasons, get out there and shoot. If you live in a place without seasons... maybe think about paying a visit to a place that does to experience them and take some photos for yourself if you can get a chance to.

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Nice idea! I have to say the island jetty image didn't do much for me, but the walkway is beautifully transformed. Nice work!