Forget Selfie Sticks – There’s a New Pocket-Sized Flying Camera Drone on the Market

Forget Selfie Sticks – There’s a New Pocket-Sized Flying Camera Drone on the Market

There’s no denying the uprising of drone use in both photography and videography over recent years. Now, one company has created a pocket-sized device that coincides perfectly with usage on your smartphone: AirSelfie. Backed by a $3 million investment, the miniature drone will launch in March 2017.

The company behind the London-based, Italian-designed equipment launched a Kickstarter campaign last week with the intention of raising $50,000. AirSelfie is the only ultra-portable flying camera that integrates with smartphones, bringing with it a vibration-absorber and in-flight stability systems in order to guarantee clear images.

The stats:

  • Powered by four propellers (all of which are caged in safety guards)
  • Small enough to fit inside an accompanying phone case
  • 5 megapixel camera that also records video
  • Has a range of 20m/66ft
  • 2.4GHz Wi-Fi
  • Controlled by an app, downloadable for both iOS and Android
  • Three minutes flying power per charge
  • A maximum of eight consecutive photos can be taken at one time, saving to a 4GB microSD card
  • Retailing at $249
  • Initial shipments in March 2017


Have a look at AirSelfie in action in the video below and let us know what you make of it. Is it the next gadget everyone will be fighting to have, or is it a gimmick merely cashing in on the current drone craze?


[via DP Review]

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For those worried about only three minutes of battery life, there is good news!

"Make it fly up to 1 hour with the portable Power Bank! The AirSelfie Power Bank is designed to be perfectly integrated with the flying camera. It gives you the possibility to charge it up to 20 times before running out of charge, thus allowing AirSelfie a flight autonomy of 1 hour overall. You can pledge it alone or in combination with AirSelfie."

Awesome idea but the image quality in the video looks terrible. Hopefully they'll make improvements to the camera before launch.

Allow me to be skeptical of the implementation and production on large scale. The idea is very funny but I've seen too many K. project dead after the initial funding

It's a figure of speech.

"it's raining cats and dogs" is a figure of speech, but I shouldn't use it to explain the weather on a sunny day. figures of speech aren't excuses for saying the wrong thing.