Hilarious Video Parodies The Blackbird by Creating Aerial Version

In case you missed it, recently, The Mill introduced The Blackbird, a remarkable piece of technology that can morph into almost any vehicle you desire in post. Not to be outdone, Blackburrow Creative has made the Millbird, an aerial version of the device, which promises "phenomenally average" results. The demonstration video is phenomenally funny. 

After "two days of design and development," the team at Blackburrow created a device that is "marginally cost-effective" and "opens up a whole new world of creative possibilities for airship advertising and design." Indeed, the creative possibilities are vast, including a 747 that does quite an impressive about-face 50 feet above the ground, which was about when I lost it. Whether you need to put a 747, fighter jet, TIE fighter, or Thomas the Tank Engine in the sky, the Millbird has you covered. As they put it, it's a "revolution in aerial advertising. No longer do you need the plane to make the ad." I never knew a drone with colored ping pong balls could do so much, but then again, CGI isn't my area of expertise. In a world where the legal and societal standing of drones is in constant flux, this was a welcome shot of comedic relief. 

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The best bit, is that it actually works! They'd better watch out before Technicolor buys them out ha

oh yeah this was hilarious lol. Legitimately almost spit when I saw the Thomas the Tank Engine floatin around

At first it seemed legit but now I can't stop laughing!