'Vindur' Will Inspire You to Create a Photo or Video You Will Never Forget

As work slows down for me in the off season, I wonder where I can go to create something new. For me, traveling is an awesome thing, and being able to explore our world is really amazing. After watching some of these aerial videos on Vimeo, I am really interested in flying across the country with all my gear and creating the most memorable trip I have ever had. Even though this may not happen soon, there are plenty of places that are within driving distance that I myself can go explore. I am going to make these trips a more common thing not only for the sake of creating new content, but for the sake of seeing more of the beauty in nature.

"Vindur" is an aerial video created in different parts of Iceland. Watching this video, I have to say that I am so drawn in by the scenery and can clearly tell a lot of time and planning was put into creating this. The whole video appears to be filmed on either an overcast day or sunrise/sunset, which takes plenty of time to plan out and get right. Aside from that, the audio is very well done, adding a subtle meditative feel to the video as we fly over parts of this beautiful country. The sounds of the wind, birds, and water all pull me into the video more.

This type of work encourages me to travel on my own and create a trip that I will never forget. Being a photographer and having the ability to shoot in this way almost creates a journey for other people. It is amazing what we can do even with the most minimal equipment, but it is even more amazing what our world has to offer. Soon enough, I hope to write about my own personal travel experience when I get to go see things I don't typically get to see here in New Jersey.

For more on Madebyvadim, the creator of "Vindur," check out his Vimeo.

I am a huge nerd when it comes to drones and have been flying for over 4 years. I enjoy doing aerial photography as my personal work but shoot tons of video for work as well. I am a part of Simply Visual Productions and Simply Sounds, working my way into an industry I couldn't be happier to be a part of.

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A fine choice for creative inspiration

How did he capture all of those locations without people in the shot? I was there this spring and it was hard finding ways to keep the tourists out of my photos and I went to almost every location in the video. Amazing work!

If you're there in June, the sun sets at midnight and rises three hours later when most tourists are sleeping. :)

I never knew that! I'm hoping to travel here at some point in my life so thats pretty good to know!!

I was there at that time and staying up past 1am there were still photographers littering every site I was at. I understand how that made my photography easier but I'd expect that it would be much harder to edit out people in video. Maybe I went at very popular photographer time of year

Thank you Ty for writing about our short film.
As Brian mention in his comment in summer where is sunrises early or almost right after sunset, so pleanty of time to shoot without any one present.
Also on a few shots I remove vehicles and some tourists as well with AE.

Not a problem Vadim! Great work and very inspiring, makes me want to travel more myself!

Great work really enjoyed it...