Meet DJI AirSense: More Safety When You Fly

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to flying drones is airspace and safety. Drones must always yield to manned aircraft and now DJI has found a way to make this process easier than ever before.

AirSense is the next step in airspace safety. Utilizing ADS-B technology used in airplanes and helicopters, the DJI App will now notify the user when a manned aircraft is near the UAV. All planes and helicopters that don't currently have this technology must also install AirSense by 2020 meaning we are a step closer to making flying safer than ever before. You can find AirSense installed in drones like the Matrice 210 and the Mavic 2 Enterprise but it will soon be integrated into the next generation of DJI drones weighting over 250kg. 

So What Does This Do for You?

On top of the other safety technology DJI provides such as Return to Home, Altitude Limit, Obstacle Avoidance, and Geo-fencing, pilots will now have a lot more awareness when they are flying. With more drones in the sky than planes and helicopters combined, AirSense is ultimately the next step in tracking the amount of aircrafts in an airspace to keep everybody safe and alert.

This is some of the biggest and most positive news yet for drones this year and I can imagine a safer world for consumers, professionals, and actual pilots within the next few years.

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J Negatiivi's picture

" will soon be integrated into the next generation of DJI drones weighting over 250kg. "
Seems like DJI is planing to release some huge drones or aircrafts :D

Paulo Macedo's picture

Sheeesh "weighting over 250Kg". Is DJI on a partnership with Cessna now? Dji 182 or Dji Grand Caravan?