The Most Mesmerizing Paragliding Video You've Ever Seen

When trying to get creative, we often get discouraged thinking everything has been done, and no matter how hard we try, our work is going to be inspired or a remote copy of someone else’s idea. However, there are still some exceptionally brilliant minds that find ways to innovate and make the impossible possible. Valentin Delluc, a French speed rider, and Dino Raffault managed to create a unique video that will make your eyes light up even if you don’t know what speed riding is.

Delluc had the idea of flying with an illuminated wing during the summer of 2016. However, making it happen took a bit more time as aerodynamic tests and trial runs were required before everything could come together; The training alone required seven months. It’s not given to everyone to fly a challenging line, so imagine in the dark with only the moon and 20 meters of LED to light your surroundings.

The challenge of flying might have been something, but I can only imagine how difficult it must have been to film the whole thing. Looking at the credit and the sequence, it seems like part of the video was shot from a helicopter using a CineFlex system and the rest was documented by someone following Delluc in someway, probably speedriding or paragliding as well. The result is mesmerizing.

For more information and content related to this performance, be sure to check Red Bull’s website. And if you enjoy aerial footage of action sports, visit Supersize Films, the company behind this beautiful video.

[via Red Bull]

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user-156929's picture

Fantastic, but it reminds me of some years ago when I went to Alaska. My brother-in-law made fun of me for buying a black Canada Goose coat and snow pants while he, for a lot less money, rented the same thing, albeit an older version and in bright red. I told him, I'll always have the coat (which has come in handy these past couple of weeks) but more importantly, in every photo of him being in a cool place doing cool things, he'll be wearing a bright red coat! :-) I'm sure Red Bull's sponsorship helped a lot, and possibly was the difference between doing it or not, but that logo will always be in the video. :-/
I guess it could have been worse, though. Imagine if he'd been sponsored by Depends or Preparation H. ;-)

Spy Black's picture

Nice stuff, but the supposed story line with the kid goes nowhere. I don't get that. Shame it has to be sponsored by a bad product. Nice shooting and editing for the most part tho.

michael buehrle's picture

red bull is awesome.

Gabrielle Colton's picture

Wow really cool, at first when I saw the cover image I thought it was under water footage. good stuff