Time & Google Timelapse 30 Years Of Satellite Photography

Time & Google Timelapse 30 Years Of Satellite Photography

Time and Google have created an astounding, multi-decade animated timelapse of the Earth. It is nothing short of amazing the amount of satellite photographs that has been collected and crunched. Trillions of pixels of satellite data which until now, have not been available to the public. Locations around the Earth can be searched and viewed through the latest project Timelapse: Landsat Satellite Images

The website showcases 30 years of satellite images that is both beautiful and a haunting at the same time. On one hand the viewer can search almost the entire the globe and watch the way the areas have been shaped and development since 1984. The flip side is the unavoidable fact that we have done massive amounts of damage to our planent, highlighted on the website, showing us the dwindling rainforests and frozen glaciers which are rapidly melting away.

Watching the world change along the three decade timeline is a wondrous experience thanks to Google and Time. Being able to search locations and witness 30 years of change from satellite photographs is spectacular and humbling, showing just how small we are on this blue planet.

For more information, click over to http://world.time.com/timelapse

timelapse2 Satellites collected the years of data by passing around the globe, photographing each section since 1984.


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No comments? This is very cool. I wish it was higher quality video though, it's pretty bad.

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